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Company News, 2005-09-07, 10:09 AM

Start-up in Ukraine

ThyssenKrupp Services has started its own materials warehousing business in Ukraine with the establishment of ThyssenKrupp Materials Ukraine TOV, Kiev - possibly in cooperation with a Ukrainian partner.

In the start-up phase, the focus will be on stainless steels. Plans are in place to expand business in the near future to include the full range, from carbon steel and tubes to nonferrous metals.

According to ThyssenKrupp Services Executive Board member Joachim Limberg, ?the Ukrainian economy is growing faster than average. We believe the country provides a good market for our proven concept of supplying ?materials from a single source?. It is important for us to build up a strong partnership in Ukraine. In the next three years we aim to achieve sales of 20 million euros and employ up to 100 people.?

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