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Products and solutions, 2001-09-11, 02:00 AM

Kloth-Senking qualifies as system supplier

Kloth-Senking Metallgießerei GmbH, a company in the Chassis business unit of ThyssenKrupp Automotive, supplies the complete pedal bracket system for the current Audi A4. The system, made up of ten different parts and prefitted electromechanical components and consisting of different materials such as aluminum, plastics and steel, is delivered on a just-in-time basis by the Hildesheim-based company.

The centerpiece of the system is the die-cast aluminum bearing bracket, developed by Kloth-Senking Metallgießerei GmbH. The part sets new safety standards because it protects against foot and leg injuries which can happen when the pedals are pushed into the footwell by the force of a frontal crash. The Kloth-Senking bracket is designed to release the pedals when a crash occurs, thanks to two `crumple` zones which collapse successively as soon as the dash panel is deformed by the engine block. The bracket is attached to the dash panel and the module crossbeam.

Kloth-Senking Metallgießerei GmbH developed this design in the early nineties. Since then it has been used in various Volkswagen models. Kloth-Senking is sole supplier of these parts, which place high demands on die construction and casting technology.

The order for a complete pedal bracket assembly underlines Kloth-Senking`s capabilities as a systems supplier. From drawings to prototypes to testing of individual parts and the complete system, all main development steps were carried out by the company, which also handled procurement of system components and planning and implementation of the production and assembly process. Kloth-Senking is also responsible for supply logistics and for ensuring compliance with cost, quality and delivery targets.

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