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Products and solutions, 2004-10-26, 02:00 AM

Titanium composite material for automotive exhaust systems

At Euroblech (hall 14, booth F 14), Deutsche Titan GmbH will be presenting a new solution for automotive exhaust systems which weighs approximately 40 percent less than comparable steel components. A new composite material made of titanium and aluminum is used for the exhaust system. The composite solution gives the titanium the necessary heat resistance even at temperatures above 800 degrees Celsius. The material is therefore suitable for all exhaust components located behind the catalytic converter.

The temperature limit for the use of titanium is actually around 450 degrees Celsius. When things get hotter, oxidation begins to destroy the metal. The fact that the material can now also be used in the high temperature range is due to its combination with aluminum: a thin film of aluminum is applied to the titanium by roll cladding at Wickeder Westfalenstahl GmbH. The composite material is then subjected to heat treatment. The two metals react with one another and form an intermetallic phase which is impermeable to oxygen and prevents the titanium from oxidizing. The heat treatment method has been patented for Deutsche Titan GmbH.

The new titanium solution for exhaust systems is aimed at the luxury car market. The material offers good corrosion resistance, high strength and thermal loading capacity and also great potential for weight reduction.


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