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Products and solutions, 2008-09-23, 10:04 AM

Technology leader ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems looks to modular kit system

Along with the chassis, the cab suspension of a heavy truck is a key link in a chain of systems responsible for the safety and comfort of the driver and the vehicle as a whole.

ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems is a technology leader in this area and has wide experience in developing and producing truck systems of this kind. The company works closely with customers to find and implement optimum solutions to meet the specific requirements of the vehicle. Several truck manufacturers have been using the know-how of the Essen-based systems specialist for many years.

The engineers at ThyssenKrupp Automotive Systems have developed a “modular building kit”, made up of different processes, materials and conceptual approaches. In selecting the optimum elements, one key focus is on reducing costs and weight. The results range from comfort-oriented cab suspensions for high-end applications meeting particular requirements for design or complexity, to low-cost systems where the emphasis is more on robustness, costs and universal applicability.

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