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Products and solutions, 2000-03-20, 01:00 AM

Automotive segment: Kloth-Senking expands light metal capabilities

Kloth-Senking Metallgießerei GmbH (KSM) has moved into magnesium production by setting up a die casting cell for magnesium alloys. The next expansion phase of the magnesium casting plant is already being planned and will include a central magnesium melting installation. KSM managing director Klaus Schneider explains: "Kloth-Senking can now supply not just all the main light alloys but also the corresponding development capabilities for processes, components and systems." KSM?s first magnesium order is for steering column components for Krupp Presta AG.

With a density of 1.74 grams per cubic centimeter, magnesium is the lightest known engineering metal. In addition to a high strength-to-volume ratio it also offers enhanced damping properties and good machinability. Magnesium components are up to a third lighter than comparable aluminum components while matching them for functionality. Magnesium also has outstanding casting properties: compared with the use of cast aluminum alloys, complex-shaped parts can be reproduced more exactly. According to Dr. Thomas Zeuner, head of the technology development department at KSM, the company is applying new melting techniques using fluids in the casting machine area for the move into magnesium.

KSM is currently investigating how far its current top-selling products such as steering boxes, pedal brackets and cylinder head covers can be produced from magnesium. In the medium term KSM will offer solutions which give customers weight advantages even in large thin-walled structural components.

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