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Products and solutions, 2000-03-20, 01:00 AM

Automotive segment: New suspension system from Krupp Bilstein

Krupp Bilstein GmbH has developed a new shock absorber system with which car drivers themselves can set the levels of comfort, cornering and roadholding properties of their car to suit their requirements. The Bilstein Professional Suspension System PSS 9 is an adjustable wheel suspension system with nine different shock absorber tuning settings, a technology derived directly from motorsport. The shocks on both axles can be adjusted simply without removal - from comfortable cushioning through to racing mode.

The nine different damping force characteristics in the rebound and compression stages can be precisely tuned using an aluminum adjusting wheel on the piston rod. As in motorsport, tuning 1 is the stiffest. The bypass valve in the shock absorber is fully open in stage 9, giving a softer tuning. The body height, and therefore the center of gravity of the vehicle, can be altered using a spring cap, the height of which is adjusted using a thread. The spring cap is secured by a locknut; both parts are made from solid aluminum. The length of the shock absorber is designed to ensure the springs are sufficiently preloaded throughout the entire adjustment range of the spring cap.

The shock absorber tube of the Bilstein PSS 9 suspension system has a high-quality coating and is designed as an especially large component to enable it to cope with higher lateral forces. The solid piston rod can handle the highest levels of damping force. A complex internal structure ensures the new Bilstein suspension system remains flexible: each shock absorber has a degressive pilot valve with a compression and rebound stage valve for attaining the basic characteristic curve of setting 9. A degressive working piston with a compression and rebound stage valve is responsible for reaching the maximum shock absorbing force in setting 1. The bypass valve is installed in the hollow piston rod and includes a control piston which regulates the size of the bypass.

For many years now, Krupp Bilstein GmbH has been a partner to leading race teams in almost all disciplines of motorsport. The extreme demands of motorsport call for innovative solutions which also assure Bilstein's chassis components a pole position in production vehicles as well. With the new PSS 9 suspension system, Krupp Bilstein has taken motorsport perfection and put it straight onto the road.

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