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Company News, 2005-02-24, 11:12 AM

Long-term supply agreements secure steel jobs in Duisburg

The three Duisburg steel companies ThyssenKrupp Stahl AG, Mittal Steel Ruhrort and TSTG Schienentechnik have enjoyed close links in the supply of pig iron and crude steel for more than seven years. These links are based on contractual arrangements agreed in 1997 for a period of ten years upon the sale of the Ruhrort and Hochfeld plants by the then Thyssen Stahl AG.

The three companies have now signed follow-on agreements which will guarantee the long-term continuation of this successful cooperation. Central to the agreements is the supply of pig iron by ThyssenKrupp Stahl to the Ruhrort steel mill. Supplies will initially be maintained at the present level, but once the blast furnace concept for the Hamborn site has been implemented, volumes will be increased by up to 15%.

The new agreements are important elements for the future of the three companies and the roughly 15,000 people they employ in Duisburg.

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