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Products and solutions, 2007-07-20, 12:30 PM

Nordseewerke in Emden lay down the keel for a 2,700 TEU container ship

Hamburg/Emden, 07/20/2007

At 11:00 o’ clock on July 20th, the keel for the eighth container ship of the successful 2,700 TEU family was laid down at Nordseewerke GmbH – a company of ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AG. Following an old shipbuilding tradition, special guests of the customer, the shipping company and the shipyard nailed some coins to a block of timber. Then the first 170 tons heavy double-hull section of the ship was put down on the block. Together with a successful christening ceremony, this measure is said to be lucky for the ship and the future crew, to ensure a good homecoming and always enough water under the keel, as they say in Germany. This keel-laying ceremony concludes the 2,700 TEU ship series for the time being. From autumn on sections of the new compact 3,400 TEU class will be built in the ship-building hangars of the shipyard.

The ship with the Yard No. 555 will be built for the GEBAB in Meerbusch. As for five ships of this series before, the shipping company will be the Elsfleth-based MARTIME. The launching of this ship will be in December. Delivery is scheduled for March 2008.

The container ship will be built according to German Lloyd regulations and features the following main technical data:

Overall length 215.45 m (approx.)
Length between perpendiculars 205.28 m
Moulded breadth 29.80 m
Moulded depth 16.50 m
Strength draft 11.55 m
Load draft 10.10 m
Deadweight (T=11.55 m) 37,900 t
Container capacity 2,702 TEU
Propulsion 100% MCR 21,770 kW at 108 rpm

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