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Products and solutions, 2004-08-26, 02:00 AM

Blohm + Voss GmbH - Maritime Technologies

Between 28 September and 2 October 2004, Blohm + Voss - a ThyssenKrupp Werften GmbH company - will present itself at the leading shipbuilding trade fair SMM 2004 - the "shipbuilding, machinery & marine technology international trade fair 2004" in Hamburg. Together with the sister companies of ThyssenKrupp Werften GmbH, Blohm + Voss Repair and Nordseewerke, Blohm + Voss will inform interested visitors about innovations, products and services. On the occasion of the SMM 2004, Blohm + Voss will inform about naval shipbuilding and the construction of luxury yachts that represent the core products of the company.

Naval shipbuilding at Blohm + Voss

The beginning 21st century challenges the shipyard with demanding requirements. The development of the global security policy over recent years demands new solutions in their conception and realisation. In addition to the existing classic, maritime duties there are a great number of new, more complex demands. This includes international conflict prevention and coping with crises, and operating in multinational associations, including upon the instructions of international organisations. In order to be in the position to solve these diversified duties, the integration of the most varied complex systems into the overall system which is a "ship" is the crucial challenge facing modern naval shipbuilding. Weapons, sensors, computer systems and nautical equipment from various different companies from around a dozen countries have to be integrated. Potentials for modernisation and up-dating must be taken into consideration right at the planning and conception stages.

In the form of the modular MEKO® concept, Blohm + Voss provides an ideal platform which enables the integration of the globally-available system. To date, over 60 MEKO® frigates and corvettes are either in use or being constructed in 11 nations. The latest examples for the success of the MEKO® concept are the frigates of the type MEKO® A-200 SAN, the SAS AMATOLA and the SAS SPIOENKOP, for the South African Navy. With their stealth properties and the CODAG-WARP® (Combined Diesel and Gas Turbine, Waterjet and Refined Propellers) drive concept, these frigates are some of the most modern of their type. The same is true of the corvette type MEKO® 100 RMN for the Royal Malaysian Navy, of which the first two of a total of six units were sent to Lumut/Malaysia in March and October 2003. With the start of manufacturing on 19 July 2004, production of the first class 130 corvette came into force at the Blohm + Voss. A high degree of automation and the modularisation of essential elements, based on the MEKO® concept, characterise the design of this ship. Thus, the concept of the "integrated bridge" and an on-board Intranet can be realised for the first time. The on-board Intranet links the essential sub-networks such as combat direction system, communication network, integrated monitoring and control system (IMCS) with the ship technology, PC logistics and administration.

Yacht building - setting trends, realising dreams

The predominant trend in MEGA yacht building is clear - length counts! Current projects all over the world confirm this. Blohm + Voss is prepared for this development. Project studies for MEGA yachts with lengths in excess of 76 metres have already been submitted. The highlight amongst the latest projects bears the name M-147. Behind this simple combination of letter and numbers is concealed a 147-metre luxury yacht which sets new standards in design, features and functionality.

M-147 was created in conjunction with the Parisian designer Hermidas Atabeyki: his basic idea was to develop several thematically different room elements instead of long, continuous decks, yet retaining the elements of spaciousness and largeness. Various loggias, balconies, oriels and sundecks were created. The visitors on board are thus bestowed continually new views and insights. One of the special characteristics of the futuristic M-147 yacht is the loggia which extends along the entire width of the yacht and which links the main salon with the dining room. In the stern, a round room with continuous glass front allows an impressive 270° panoramic view. The M-147 is also equipped with a swimming pool on the top deck, a cinema and a disco. The yacht has a garage for a submarine by which owner and guests can embark on an underwater discovery tour, and a helicopter landing pad. An 18-metre long tender is perfectly integrated into the silhouette.

Using synergies and opening up new potentials: this is what Blohm + Voss offer with the use of the innovative CODAG-WARP® (Combined Diesel and Gas Turbine, Waterjet and Refined Propellers) drive concept developed for naval shipbuilding which is also used in yacht building. The drive configuration, comprising two diesel engines each with 5,920 kW with a propeller each and a gas turbine with 20,000 kW with hydrojet propulsion, enables speeds above 30 knots. This design enables completely new alternatives in the construction and design of decks, since exhaust gas ducts no longer have to be taken into consideration. A new standard in the construction of MEGA yachts has been defined in the form of this drive concept.


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