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Products and solutions, 2006-01-16, 08:59 AM

In good shape for the coming years

ThyssenKrupp Präzisionsschmiede GmbH sought a competent and experienced partner for the modernization of its production buildings - and found one in ThyssenKrupp Schulte. The materials specialists recommended the use of Lexan Thermoclear twin-wall sheets - capable of being installed in only a few days without scaffolding or other preparatory work - to replace the previous glazing material.

ThyssenKrupp Präzisionsschmiede, a subsidiary of ThyssenKrupp Automotive, is one of Munich's longest-established companies with a history stretching back 80 years. Established as Bayerisches Leichtmetall Werk (BLW), the plant currently has around 630 employees who manufacture products such as differential bevel gears, speed gears and synchronizers for European and North American car manufacturers and all major gearbox manufacturers.

Until recently, however, the glazing in the company's production buildings was just as old as the company itself. In particular the large wired-glass panes were no longer capable of meeting aesthetic, functional or insulation requirements. The materials specialists from ThyssenKrupp Schulte recommended the use of Lexan Thermoclear Plus polycarbonate sheets. These large panels are extremely light (2.7 kg/sq m) and easy to handle, allowing the removal of the approximately 250 square meters of wired glass and the installation of the polycarbonate panels to take place swiftly without seriously disrupting operations.

Polycarbonate is the toughest of all plastics and therefore ideal for use in a rough industrial environment. The Lexan twin-wall sheets can cope easily with suction and wind loads and stresses caused by natural weathering. During production the sheets are covered with a two-side UV protection coating - an important safety factor. Even if the wrong side of the panel - the weather side is clearly marked on the protective film - is exposed to the weather and direct sunlight, complete UV protection is guaranteed. Polycarbonate is splinter-proof and displays extremely high impact toughness over a wide temperature range from minus 40 to plus 115 degrees Celsius.

Lexan Thermoclear Plus is a premium twin-wall polycarbonate panel made by General Electric. As a plastics distributor ThyssenKrupp Schulte supplies these products from a large ex-stock range - also cut to size - to specialist firms providing expert installation.

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