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Company News, 2002-10-18, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp meets University meets Culture

New forum for making contacts and exchanging experience - Cooperation between ThyssenKrupp and the Ruhr University Bochum

"ThyssenKrupp meets University meets Culture": Under this banner ThyssenKrupp AG and the Ruhr University Bochum (RUB) are intensifying their cooperation. Since the beginning of the year ThyssenKrupp has been providing support for high-caliber engineering and economics students. To expand contacts between the business and academic worlds - while at the same time accommodating cultural interests - the first Forum is being held at the Schauspielhaus theater in Bochum at 6 p.m. on October 21, 2002. Media representatives are most welcome to attend.

Dialog and entertainment

Some 150 trainees, junior employees and executives from the ThyssenKrupp Group, students, professors from the RUB together with actors and artists from the Bochum theater have been invited. The event will include a program of culture and entertainment: The theater`s regular ensemble will present Italian songs from the play "Pizza Pazza". In dialog forums participants will discuss issues from technology and business, talk about career prospects, cooperation and culture. Questions of corporate management are also to be discussed, and the organizers hope to gain further suggestions for the cooperation between ThyssenKrupp and the university. The patrons of the forum are Dr. Ulrich Middelmann, Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of ThyssenKrupp AG, and Prof. Dr. Dietmar Petzina, Principal of the RUB.

ThyssenKrupp - RUB cooperation

Since January 23, 2002 ThyssenKrupp AG and the RUB have been cooperating closely in the fields of engineering and economics to provide targeted support for students of mechanical engineering and business sciences. ThyssenKrupp AG presents an annual "ThyssenKrupp Award" to students achieving the best results in the shortest time in both subjects. Also, the company awards three fellowship grants for highly suitable students at the RUB and awards the "ThyssenKrupp Material Innovation Prize" for innovative projects, dissertations, theses and publications. The cooperation also extends to exchanging ideas on scientific topics, focusing in particular on application-oriented subjects and current R&D projects. The idea is to identify areas of joint interest, exchange information and define joint projects.


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