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Company News, 2001-10-09, 02:00 AM

Arbed, Salzgitter, ThyssenKrupp and Usinor submit offer for Polish steel mills

The Consortium composed of Arbed S.A., Salzgitter AG, THyssenKrupp Stahl AG and Usinor S.A. has submitted a global offer on October 8th, 2001 for the acquisition of selected assets of the four Polish steel mills: Huta Katowice S.A., Huta im. T. Sendzimira S.A., Huta Cedler S.A. and Huta Florian S.A.

Considering Eastern Europe as a key growth market for steel, the Consortium foresees specific investment programs for the restructuring and the development of the four steel mills in order to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the Polish steel industry. Thus the Consortium is convinced that this offer will meet the expectations of the Polish Government as well as the competition principles of the European steel market. In parallel, the program will also stimulate the development of other steel related industrial branches in Poland.

Hence the successful reorganization of the Polish steel industry in terms of quality standards, productivity, profitability and an overall balance between supply and demand will not only strengthen the development of the Polish steel processing industry but will also contribute to the successful adhesion of Poland to the European Union.

As a confidentiality agreement was signed between the parties involved, the Consortium will reveal no further detail regarding the offer at this moment.

Duisburg, Luxembourg, Paris, Salzgitter, October 9th, 2001


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