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Company News, 2000-03-20, 01:00 AM

Surfaces ? Shapes - Systems Exhibition of works by Norbert Thomas in the ThyssenKrupp Pavilion

At the Hanover Fair 2000 Thyssen Krupp AG is displaying an exhibition of paintings and sculptures by Norbert Thomas. His abstract art is characterized by geometrical shapes and lines. The artist ? born in 1947 in Frankfurt am Main ? creates a network of colored stripes and blocks of various widths based on the mathematical foundation of a coordinate system. Generally slanting from one edge of the canvas to another, these components never run diagonally from corner to corner and are never directly vertical or horizontal.

In his sculptures Norbert Thomas uses precise geometrical figures to develop expressive individual elements that seem to project from the wall or floor. The work uses the interplay between shapes, surfaces and lines to striking effect.

The many different shapes and linear formations in the works of Norbert Thomas capture the viewer's imagination.

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