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Company News, 2003-09-04, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp wins best annual report award again

This year`s "manager magazin" prize for the best annual report has been awarded for the second year in succession to ThyssenKrupp AG. Accepting the award in Frankfurt, Executive Board Chairman Prof. Dr. Ekkehard D. Schulz said: "Our annual report presents a picture of ThyssenKrupp as a whole, providing readers with information on the workings of the Group."

The ThyssenKrupp annual report for 2001/2002 achieved a jury rating of 79,78 points from a possible 100 and thus came out top of both the DAX 30 companies and the overall rankings, beating off competition from more than 200 other reports.

Taking "future value" as its theme, the 2001/2002 annual report not only provides facts and figures but also strategies. It also expounds on the Group`s future capabilities by presenting the strategies, concepts, attitudes and thought processes which ThyssenKrupp is adopting to make itself sustainably fit for the future - listing examples of projects, products, services and corporate programs. This also includes maintaining open contacts with internal and external stakeholders and addressing their justified interests in the company.

For the first time, the image and picture sequences in the report also give individuals from outside the Group - such as customers, analysts, business associates, local politicians, scientists and environmentalists - the opportunity to voice their expectations of ThyssenKrupp, representative of the open and critical dialogue the company seeks.

Under the heading "future value", ThyssenKrupp looks at areas it regards as crucial to the future, including motivation, innovation, efficiency, transparency, knowledge sharing and environmental protection.

ThyssenKrupp does not regard its annual report in isolation, but as the flagship of its integrated communications with the capital and media markets.

The 2001/2002 annual report can be ordered or downloaded from ThyssenKrupp AG`s website (, where an online version is also available, with charts provided additionally as Excel spreadsheets.

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