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Company News, 2001-10-17, 02:00 AM

CSQ wet cooling will be approved - agreement with environment ministry takes effect

The Düsseldorf district authorities today announced their decision to approve the construction of a new coking plant in Schwelgern using the coke stabilization quenching (CSQ) process. Approval is based on the fact that the improved CSQ quenching tower with integrated two-stage wet separator is now recognized as matching dry cooling in terms of emissions, as proven by the applicants Carbonaria, who brought in expert assistance, and ThyssenKrupp Stahl. Dr. Karl-Ulrich Köhler, chairman of Thyssen Krupp Stahl`s executive board, said: "This decision also takes account of the significant economic benefits of the CSQ process and will play a key role in securing ThyssenKrupp Stahl`s Duisburg location over the long term".

The decision brings further advantages to residents living near the site. The ecological impact of the CSQ process is very similar to that of coke dry cooling, which means there will be no appreciable changes in the neighborhood. Once the Schwelgern coking plant - which satisfies the most stringent environmental standards - goes into operation, the old August Thyssen coking plant will be closed down, significantly reducing the level of emissions from coke production. With the decision approving CSQ, the agreement between the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry for Environment and Nature Protection, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and ThyssenKrupp Stahl also comes into effect, providing for investment of some 60 million euros in the area of the Schwelgern plant for dust abatement. This will bring about a long-term reduction in emissions in the north of Duisburg and greatly enhance the quality of life there.

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