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Company News, 2003-08-01, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp - partner to the automobile industry: remarks by Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Schulz

The Frankfurt International Motor Show starting on September 11 will provide renewed evidence that ThyssenKrupp is a key partner to the auto industry - as a systems supplier, development partner and materials specialist. Times have changed. Nowadays, vehicle manufacture without close cooperation between automaker and supplier is inconceivable. Vehicles have become too complex, and the demands placed on modern autos too diverse. The consequence of this is that everyone concerned in the process has to think not in parts, but in wholes, in modules, in systems, cutting across segments, disciplines and borders - in a word, we have to think global.

ThyssenKrupp today generates around 30% of its sales, or 10.3 billion euros, with the auto industry. Almost one in four of our employees works for the automobile sector. Our biggest automotive supplier is of course ThyssenKrupp Automotive, an international company with subsidiaries at more than 120 locations in 17 countries to guarantee we remain close to our customers.

The full text of Prof. Dr. Ekkehard Schulz`s remarks on the automotive activities of ThyssenKrupp, given at a press call on July 31, 2003, can be found on the internet at


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