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Products and solutions, 2006-09-27, 10:58 AM

Flexibility in heavy plate forming

Invisible to the casual observer, a truck's side beams are an integral part of its structure. Two of them combine with the cross members to form the ladder frame. ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik has been producing side beams from heavy plate in thicknesses of up to 12 millimeters and lengths of up to twelve meters for over 40 years.

With truck manufacturers adding more and more equipment and components to their vehicles, packaging space becomes an issue. This, coupled with constant efforts to increase payload while keeping vehicles as fuel-efficient as possible, calls for some major strides in development, and side beams are no exception. Their technical features should contribute to making trucks more comfortable and reliable. ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik realizes side beam geometries which are anything but straightforward and thus generate high customer value.

Trimming the front end of the side members creates more packaging space for the frame front end. A particular specialty of ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik is providing two recesses for the front and rear axles. These recesses leave additional packaging space for the axles, while lowering the frame height creates greater load volume. Yet more packaging space is won by spreading the side beams apart at the front end to create additional width. Spreading the frame in this way makes more space available for the engine and major components and creates room for tires and chassis in the semitrailer area.

ThyssenKrupp Umformtechnik is currently working on its next innovation - a side beam with integrated height change in the Z axis. This makes it possible to increase the height of the payload area while maintaining the frame height at the front end of the vehicle. In this way, the integrated height change allows a reduction in the number of drive variants and guarantees the required ground clearance.

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