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Products and solutions, 2001-04-23, 02:00 AM

THYSSEN-Solartec® enjoys market success

Environmentally friendly energy generation

THYSSEN-Solartec®, a system of roof and facade elements with integrated solar cells for environmentally friendly energy production from Thyssen Bausysteme, is increasingly in demand. Since the system was first launched in 1999, Thyssen Bausysteme GmbH has already successfully completed 18 projects, from residential houses to industrial buildings. One of the projects was the roof of the Tituskirche church in Hanover, where 100 square meters of THYSSEN-Solartec® elements with a nominal output of five kilowatts were installed in November 2000. Europe`s biggest project of this kind with a nominal output of 70 kilowatts is currently under way in Duisburg.

THYSSEN-Solartec® is a roof and facade system made of two-side galvanized steel coated in high-quality plastic with a vulcanized solar laminate. The laminate consists of three layers of amorphous silicon cells on a thin stainless steel substrate. Unlike conventional photovoltaic modules, the solar collectors in the THYSSEN-Solartec® system do not require a special support structure. The Solartec® elements are wall or roof cladding and solar cells rolled into one. They can be fitted to standard roof structures and will even take the weight of a person walking on them.

Because the silicon cells are applied in three layers and each of these layers is sensitive to a different section of the light spectrum, a very wide band of sunlight can be converted into energy. As a result, the THYSSEN Solartec® system continues to work efficiently in cloudy weather and diffuse light. The system deals with partial shade better than conventional systems because the individual elements are fitted with integrated bypass diodes which bridge the gap produced by shaded sections and secure the operation of the remaining cells. Overall the THYSSEN-Solartec® system is around 20 percent more efficient than conventional photovoltaic devices.

The system`s high sensitivity to diffuse light was also why it was chosen for the biggest Solartec project to date. Thyssen Bausysteme is to supply around 1,400 square meters of the solar elements for the new south facade of Thyssen Krupp Stahl AG`s hot strip slitting unit in Duisburg-Beeckerwerth. This means that on this project the THYSSEN Solartec® system is required not for a roof but for a wall, which is less favorably exposed to the sunlight. Thanks to the three-layer technology, even this application with a rated output of 700 kilowatts is cost-effective.

THYSSEN-Solartec® is supplied in the form of large-format elements which are quick and easy to install. During manufacture of the solar laminate the individual cells are connected in series. The modules themselves are simply plugged together during installation. Thyssen Bausysteme GmbH is the only company in Germany to supply this new technology in combination with steel elements and offers a 20-year guarantee on its products.

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