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Company News, 2006-03-03, 09:46 AM

"Discover technology. Shape the future."

From May 20 to 28, 2006 thinkers and doers will be presenting the "Ideas Park 2006" at the Expo site in Hanover. Under the motto "Discover technology. Shape the future.", ThyssenKrupp together with the state of Lower Saxony and over 50 partners will show how innovations come about. Numerous examples illustrating the themes "Mobility", "Life and Environment", and "Creativity" provide an entertaining insight into the world of innovation. An open-air stage with daily science shows, performances and attractions for children add to the technology experience. Admission is free.

"Mobility and technology are very important to Lower Saxony. We build the best cars, the most advanced ships and the biggest aircraft in the world. That's why it's good that ThyssenKrupp is presenting a technology experience for the whole family in the state's capital city Hanover with the Ideas Park 2006," said Lower Saxony's Prime Minister Christian Wulff at the presentation of the initiative in Hanover today.

Ekkehard Schulz, Executive Board Chairman of ThyssenKrupp AG: "Technology is made by people for people with the aim of benefiting people. Germany needs more people with a passion for technology. People who are curious and have the courage to make changes, who tackle things head-on instead of complaining all the time. Only then will we be able to produce on a sustained basis the technical innovations which make our economy successful and create new jobs."

The Ideas Park is a voyage of adventure for the mind and the senses, featuring a nano soccer game measuring just a few molecules, the gigantic tunnel boring machines used in the Gotthard Massif, underwater and space research, basic physics and innovative technologies for the household. Around 400 engineers, researchers, inventors and students will be showing their work and inviting people to join in. Visitors can try their hand at designing and building rockets, bridges and cars with just a few simple items.

Young visitors to the Ideas Park can pick up ideas for their future careers. ThyssenKrupp Executive Board Chairman Dr. Schulz: "Education is a particularly important theme for us, because education and training - in families, at school and throughout people's lives - are the key to renewal and growth. That's why the Ideas Park is also a major training initiative for technical and engineering careers."

The attractive program of events will feature a different theme every day from May 20 to 28, 2006. On May 21, 2006 the Ideas Park will focus on Lower Saxony. Throughout the exhibition, the state's foremost inventors and discoverers will be presenting their work. "Lower Saxony has a great deal to offer: For instance, fully autonomous micro airplanes and micro helicopters with satellite navigation systems for use in various applications, an all-terrain outdoor wheelchair, and a student laboratory where visitors can conduct their own scientific research. In addition, during the opening gala on May 20 we will try to set up a live link to the international space station so that we can talk to the astronauts and cosmonauts directly from the Ideas Park," said Prime Minister Wulff. Further themes are Technology, Future, Responsibility, Knowledge, Encounter, Innovation, and Movement.

Show-business personalities will take part in special events in the TUI Arena: TV presenter Günther Jauch will present the opening gala on May 20. Broadcasting company ProSieben will present its Knowledge Award on May 25. On May 27, an exclusive concert will be given by a leading German band.

The Ideas Park is a joint project. Initiated and funded by ThyssenKrupp, the event will be brought to life through the involvement of over 50 partners. These include the state of Lower Saxony, the municipality of Hanover and the federal government, the Max Planck and Fraunhofer societies, numerous universities including Hanover, Braunschweig and Clausthal, schools, teachers, dedicated individuals and initiatives such as the Wissensfabrik ("knowledge factory").

<u>Themes of the Ideas Park</u>

Mobility: Convenient ways of getting from A to B
Mobility has always been a key priority for humankind. We have invented cars, trains, aircraft, ships and even spaceships. But with resources in ever shorter supply, technologies today have to be more efficient. At the same time new forms of mobility are being developed. The Ideas Park shows research projects and systems aimed at enhancing our mobility today, tomorrow, and the day after. As well as taking a look at cars which drive themselves, visitors can defeat gravity and watch robots at work.

Life and Environment: A better life for everyone and an intact environment
The world population is rapidly growing; more and more people wish to share in progress and prosperity. How can we protect our living conditions and at the same time create material and cultural progress for everyone? The Ideas Park shows where we stand today and how we can improve the standard of living for large parts of the world population in the future. Clean water, healthy food, protection against natural disasters and prolonged healthy lifetimes are just some of the themes being discussed by experts at the Ideas Park.

Creativity: Giving shape to ideas
Technology and creativity are closely related. Visitors to the Ideas Park can see how technology and creativity supplement each other and how technology is a key component of our culture. Experts and enthusiasts at the Ideas Park will discuss themes such as dream cars, the role of design in everyday life, natural works of art and the preservation of the world's cultural heritage.

<u>"Discover Future Technology" initiative</u>

Established by ThyssenKrupp in 2004, the "Discover Future Technology" initiative is an open platform for partners from science, society, the business community and the media. Around 50 partners have participated in projects to date. The Ideas Park is a highlight of this initiative. The first Ideas Park was held in Gelsenkirchen in summer 2004. Under the motto "Discover Future Technology," some 60,000 children, young people and adults had the chance to discover technology "close up", find out about training and study opportunities and listen to discussions at the 17,500 square meter Ideas Park which took place from September 2 to 4, 2004.

Up-to-date information on the Ideas Park program is available on the internet at Admission to the Ideas Park 2006 is free!

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