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Company News, 2011-11-16, 10:00 AM

Hard work pays off: Premium training provider ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe takes on nine of the year’s top apprentices from Duisburg and Bochum

A total of nine former apprentices from ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe passed the Duisburg and Bochum Chamber of Commerce and Industry examinations with distinction in summer 2011. In recognition of their excellent achievement, they not only received congratulations and a personal gift from HR Director Dieter Kroll at the beginning of November, but also the promise of a permanent employment contract with Germany’s largest steel producer. “Such outstanding results are unprecedented in the company’s history,” said a delighted Kroll on the record-breaking apprentices. “I am proud that these ambitious young people will soon be part of our permanent workforce, contributing their knowledge, performance and dedication to the success of the company.”

Permanent contracts for the nine top apprentices

Kroll attributes the well above average performance of ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe’s apprentices to the young people’s strong personal commitment and motivation. However, he also underlines the high quality and outstanding training standards at Germany’s largest steel producer: “A successful apprenticeship at premium training provider ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe has an excellent reputation and is more or less the equivalent of a lifetime job guarantee. People trained by us are very much in demand on the job market.” As part of its social responsibility for the region, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe traditionally trains many more apprentices than it needs.

Best in class at the Duisburg and Bochum Chambers of Commerce and Industry

At the Bochum Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Julia Arndt (19) and Melissa Rutetzki (20) qualified as the best office clerks in their year. Fabian Steppat (23) and Felix Hinz (21) finished top of the industrial electronics technicians. In Duisburg, Lutz Kemmerling (22) was the best industrial engineer, while Matthias Möller and Peter Lohmann were the top process mechanics. Phillip van den Boom (22) emerged as the best IT specialist in application development and Torben Schreiber (31) as the best IT administration clerk.

Next generation with ambitious career plans

The young people, who almost all completed their apprenticeships six months ahead of schedule, have ambitious plans for the future: The majority are now studying for a degree alongside their work – for example business administration, electrical engineering, business information management and mechanical engineering. “A degree is a big help if you want to get ahead – so the motto is lifelong learning,” says Lutz Kemmerling, industrial engineer and future mechanical engineer. The former apprentices are delighted with the praise from the HR Director and the permanent contracts: “Being able to join our preferred training provider is a massive opportunity for us,” says Fabian Steppat, who is studying electrical engineering in the evenings and at weekends alongside his job as an electronics technician. And – how do you become a best-in-class apprentice? “None of us were working directly toward that,” explains office clerk and future business manager Julia Arndt. “But anyone who finds their apprenticeship interesting and views it as an enriching experience will learn quickly and effectively – that was probably the case for all of us. And ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe challenged and supported us in the best possible way.” Fabian Steppat adds: “Because we shortened our apprenticeships, we had to do a lot of work ourselves and come up with our own solutions – that helped things stay in our memories better.”

Applications for 2012 still welcome

By the way: Anyone who wants to be best in class at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2015 should apply for an apprenticeship place at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe now. Applications can be submitted online at career prospects are particularly good for young people who want to become process mechanics or electronics technicians for automation technology.

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