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Products and solutions, 2000-03-20, 01:00 AM

Production Systems segment: Faster, lower-priced, highly accurate - the new nbh 170 speed from Hüller Hille

To machine aluminum and magnesium parts Hüller Hille GmbH, Diedesheim, has developed the new nbh 170 speed machining center. It is based on the nbh 170 and reduces machining time per part by ten to 20 percent depending on operation and part. Users also benefit from a lower price. Like the successful nbH 170, 150 of which have been sold since its launch at METAV 1996, the new nbh 170 speed combines high metal removal rates with accuracy in the micrometer range.

The main changes in the nbh 170 speed are in the spindle and Y column. Because aluminum and magnesium require lower torque than steel parts, the nbh 170 speed is supplied exclusively with a motorized spindle. The Y column has been completely redesigned to produce weight savings which significantly improve the machining center's dynamics: rapid traverse speed is 50 meters per minute, acceleration six m/s2.

The tooling system using the HSK 100 toolholder and the Hüller Hille magazine cartridge system is the same as on the nbh 170 and permits complete tool sets or individual worn tools to be replaced off-line during the machining cycle. The magazine cartridge system holds up to 250 tools.

Outstanding accuracy is another feature retained from the nbh 170. The nbh 170 speed is suitable not just for heavy-duty metal removal but also for precision machining. Complex precision parts can be machined in one setup, eliminating the need for expensive specialized machinery such as jig boring mills.

The foundation for the accuracy of the nbh 170 speed is the rigid one-piece cast iron machine bed which supports the Y column and the table assembly. Heat evolution in the machine is minimized by a thermally stable design and special cooling systems. The high positioning and rotary accuracy of the nbh 170 speed is also ensured by zero-play profile guide rails with preloaded roller circulating units in all three travel axes. Generously dimensioned high-capacity carriages mounted in roller bearings guarantee long guide system life.

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