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Products and solutions, 2003-01-14, 01:00 AM

En vogue: Steel curtain walls

A new look with steelArt

SteelArt is the name of a new steel sheet facade system from ThyssenKrupp Stahl featuring elegant soft-edge facade elements which fit snugly to the front of any building and give a special shine to an otherwise dull city landscape.

The facade elements are perfectly matched in terms of size and shape: each panel measures exactly 200 by 400 millimeters, and there are plans to add further sizes. To the casual observer, the pattern of precise symmetrical joints conveys an impression of total harmony; for architects and construction engineers the system opens up whole new perspectives for facades on buildings old and new. This is the spirit of the age, reflected in numerous 21st century construction projects: airport terminals, sports arenas, exhibition buildings.

The steelArt panels are manufactured using a new sheet hydroforming process already being applied in the automotive industry, which forms the hot-dip galvanized and coil coated sheets gently, without damaging their surfaces. The facade elements are mounted simply on an adjustable substructure of U-shaped wall holders and continuous support profiles, made like the steelArt panels themselves from corrosion-protected steel. Combining the advanced steel curtain with suitable insulation material opens up numerous individualized applications for the new facade element.

ThyssenKrupp Stahl and Hoesch Contecna Systembau are working hand in hand on this project, sharing specific knowledge of materials and processing and exchanging experience with facade techniques. The cooperation is working: both companies have just completed stage 1 of the project, and there are concrete plans for ThyssenKrupp Stahl to continue this joint development with subsidiaries ThyssenKrupp Stahl Bauelemente and Hoesch Contecna Systembau so as to present an advanced facade system with individual element formats for highly distinctive facade designs. The product is available via Hoesch Contecna Systembau.

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On request we would be pleased to send you a CD ROM with photos relating to the subject of building with steel.

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