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Company News, 2002-07-10, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp relaunches website with a new look

Steel, capital goods and services group ThyssenKrupp AG has extensively redesigned its award-winning website. Launched today, the new 400-page website features improved navigation and optimized content and links, providing even easier access to information and images. In fall of last year, several business magazines rated ThyssenKrupp`s website as the best of all DAX-listed companies, an honor bestowed once again in June of this year by Handelsblatt, Germany`s leading business daily.

The internet has soared in popularity in recent years, rapidly developing into a key element of corporate communication. For example, the number of monthly hits on has almost trebled since 1999in the past two years. In the same period, the site`s content has grown six-fold. Users can now access information on all aspects of ThyssenKrupp, from the latest news to publications, which can be downloaded as PDF files or - as with the annual report - viewed as special online versions. Press conferences and annual stockholders` meetings are streamed live via the internet and recorded for subsequent viewing. Visitors can also browse services such as the press archive, calculate the value of their stocks and check out the latest career opportunities.

Thyssen and Krupp each launched their own websites in 1996. Following the merger, these sites were combined in April 1999 and revamped in line with the ThyssenKrupp`s new corporate design, starting with 60 pages. A further design overhaul followed in November 2000, and at the same time the site was expanded and provided with additional functionalities.


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