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Products and solutions, 2013-06-11, 04:00 PM

ThyssenKrupp Aerospace launches new facility near Marseille

Aerospace materials and logistics provider ThyssenKrupp Aerospace has moved to a new building at Vitrolles near Marseille, mainly dedicated to supporting a major customer in the area. During the official inauguration event on June 11nd, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace President Jürgen Funke pointed out: “This was a logical step for us. In order to best fulfil our contract and generate added value for our customer we decided to set up this new location.”

The new site also hosts the offices of ThyssenKrupp Materials France’s sales agency, which moved in from its previous rooms in downtown Marseille. Parent company ThyssenKrupp Materials International’s CEO Joachim Limberg commented: “For ThyssenKrupp, expanding the materials and services business for the aerospace industry is a project of vast strategic significance. Our cooperation with a well-known customer represents a major and enduring step as an internationally recognized materials services provider.”

On a total of 3.400 square meters, ThyssenKrupp Aerospace will stock various materials like aluminum, titanium, copper, steel etc in bars, plates, sheets, rounds and more. The Vitrolles facility will manage over 20.000 working orders per year, about half of which will be prefabricated in house prior to shipment. ThyssenKrupp Aerospace plans to build a local team of 14 members, some coming in from other plants as well as new employees hired in the Marseille area.

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