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Company News, 2002-07-29, 02:00 AM

ThyssenKrupp HiServ makes a start - Serv with new company names in the Facilities Services business unit

The ThyssenKrupp HiServ GmbH, Oberhausen, came into existence in mid-2001 as a result of the consolidation of the companies Altmann & Böhning GmbH, ESA Elektrotechnik, Stark- und Schwachstrom-Anlagen GmbH, Kessler + Luch GmbH & Co. KG as well as Thyssen Gebäudemanagement GmbH. The company which brings in the major portion of the Facilities Services business unit`s sales takes on, as an external service provider, responsibility for a facility throughout its entire life-cycle - from planning, to operation and up to redevelopment. A particular point of emphasis is high-quality technical systems for facilities.

In the course of this consolidation and the subsequent focus on the corporate brand, ThyssenKrupp Serv has decided to also rechristen the other firms of the Facilities Services business unit:

The company that leads the business unit, Thyssen Facility Management GmbH, is now called ThyssenKrupp Facilities Services GmbH. The company is headquartered in Oberhausen.

The recently acquired DG Immobilien Facility Management GmbH, DGIFM, will call itself ThyssenKrupp DiPro GmbH. The company is headquartered in Frankfurt. ThyssenKrupp DiPro is among the few professional German providers to fully manage commercial/industrial sites and facilities as well as portfolios. Here the priorities are set on conceptual design, coordination, optimization and accounting/settlement of technical as well as infrastructural work including determining and billing utilities/extras.

The Thyssen Gastronomie und Service GmbH now goes by the name of ThyssenKrupp DeliCate GmbH. The company is headquartered in Ratingen. The catering company`s services range from the operation of employee restaurants, cafeterias, kiosks and (public) restaurants, to conference and trade fair services, up to organizing banquets and parties.

The Thyssen Henschel Industriedienste GmbH will be called ThyssenKrupp SiteServices GmbH. The company is headquartered in Kassel. Within a full-service framework, the company operates the Mittelfeld and Rothenditmold industrial sites. This encompasses all technical and infrastructural site management services, including commercial management. Since 1990, the company`s employees have also been providing extensive services for companies located at the Mittelfeld site that do not belong to the ThyssenKrupp group.

The ThyssenKrupp EnServeon GmbH, Oberhausen, has been a part of the business unit for some time now as well. An external and independent service provider, the company`s aim is to supply large customers with heat, cooling and power as cost effectively, reliably and especially environment-friendly (also by making use of regenerative energy sources) as possible. ThyssenKrupp EnServeon develops customer-specific contracting models towards this end.

Facilities Services at ThyssenKrupp Serv

The ThyssenKrupp Serv AG`s Facilities Services business unit offers a full range of services "all around" facilities, up to complete sites. The service offerings` emphasis is on holistic support and optimization of industrial and commercial complexes, up to entire property portfolios. Core areas of competence are technical systems for facilities and building automation. Special services such as banquet and business travel management as well as energy contracting round off the portfolio to a full-service facility management package. The business unit stands for sales amounting to more than 350 million euro at 35 sites in nine countries. The group is among the top three service providers in Germany`s demanding facility management market.


Stefan Ettwig
ThyssenKrupp Serv AG
Phone: +49 (0)211 967 5091
Mobile: +49 (0)177 967 1111

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