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Products and solutions, 2009-03-02, 09:00 AM

53,000 square meters of Additive floor for parking garage in Ukraine

ThyssenKrupp Bausysteme GmbH is currently supplying around 53,000 square meters of Hoesch Additive Floor® for a six-story parking garage with roughly 2,000 parking spaces in the Bukovel skiing resort in the west of Ukraine. The village in the Carpathian Mountains is regarded as the only skiing resort in Ukraine meeting Western European standards and is growing strongly: Ukrainian investors want to develop Bukovel into one of the world’s 20 biggest skiing regions. ThyssenKrupp Bausysteme GmbH is helping ensure that the resort’s parking facilities keep pace with that growth. The Bukovel project is the company’s second biggest foreign order for the Additive Floor system and the first from a former Soviet Union country.

The parking garage is being built by Svitanok, a contractor based in Lviev in the west of Ukraine. The company built another garage, measuring around 53,000 square meters, in Bukovel in 2007, but that one was made from concrete. The Additive solution was chosen this time because of the system’s weight and cost advantages. The Hoesch Additive Floor® is a lightweight deck system consisting of steel profile panels which are subsequently topped with concrete. With a dead load of just 300 kilograms per square meter, the system is roughly 40 percent lighter than a solid concrete deck while offering comparable load bearing capacity. Svitanok representatives learned of the advantages of the system, previously unknown in Ukraine, on a visit to Germany last fall during which they inspected Additive Floor parking garages at Cologne-Bonn Airport and in Düsseldorf, among other places. Two new parking garages are currently being built at Düsseldorf Airport with a total of 120,000 square meters of Additive floor.

Another deciding factor for the Ukrainian businessmen were the short construction times typical of Additive Floor parking garages. With their low weight and special profiling, the Additive Floor elements allow unsupported spans of more than five meters. Because this means that fewer and lighter beams can be used, much less material is needed for the steel frame and foundations than with solid concrete floors. In addition, the Hoesch Additive Floor® is quick and easy to install. Once the packages have been lifted by crane into the support structure, the panels can be laid swiftly by hand. Construction of the new garage in Bukovel is scheduled to take less than eight months.

The Hoesch Additive Floor® is made from galvanized steel sheet with a choice of polyester or PVDF coatings. The duplex coating system ensures high Class III corrosion protection in accordance with DIN 55928-8. For the parking garage in Bukovel, ThyssenKrupp Bausysteme is supplying Additive Floor elements with polyester coating.

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