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Company News, 2002-06-26, 02:00 AM

Thyssen Facility Management takes over DGIFM

Extending competence in the banking, insurance and real-estate investment trust areas

Backdated to June 1, 2002, the Thyssen Facility Management GmbH, Oberhausen, a subsidiary of the ThyssenKrupp Serv AG, has taken over all shares in the DG Immobilien Facility Management GmbH (DGIFM) from the DG Immobilien Management GmbH, Frankfurt. Silence has been agreed upon regarding the purchase price.

DGIFM is among the few professional German providers to fully manage commercial/industrial sites and facilities as well as portfolios. Here the priorities are set on conceptual design, coordination, optimization and accounting/settlement of technical as well as infrastructural work including determining and billing of (rental) charges for utilities and extras.

"The acquisition of DGIFM and the assumption of the contracts associated with this strengthens our activities in the banking, insurance and real-estate investment trust areas considerably on an operative as well as strategic level", Dr. Johst H. Weber, member of the ThyssenKrupp Serv board and chairman of Thyssen Facility Management`s managing board, explains the commitment.

DGIFM has outstanding know-how in exactly these areas, as well as a particularly efficient customer care organization. In addition, DGIFM uses the well-established facility management software system by SAP.

In the fiscal year 2001 (Dec. 30), DGIFM generated sales of 15.4 million euro with approximately 100 employees throughout Germany. The company headquartered in Frankfurt was founded in 1998 as a subsidiary of the DZ Bank, operates profitably, and has branch offices in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich.

DGIFM operates space amounting to a total of approximately 850,000 square meters. The buildings are without exception large properties. In addition, over a power pool, DGIFM is a broker of circa 100 million kilowatt hours to approximately 400 end users.

Facilities Services at ThyssenKrupp Serv

The Thyssen Facility Management GmbH is the company that leads the ThyssenKrupp Serv AG`s business unit Facilities Services. Facilities Services is a full-service provider "all around" facilities, up to complete site management. The service program includes planning, building, assembly and operation of mechanical and electrical systems for buildings as well as the operation and support of commercial or industrial complexes. Special services such as catering and energy contracting round off the portfolio, providing a full-service facility management package. The business unit stands for 35 locations in nine countries with a total of 352 million euro in sales. The group is among the top 3 service providers in Germany`s demanding facility management market.


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