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Company News, 2006-06-30, 10:45 AM

Prize awarded to Idea Makers project

ThyssenKrupp and the newspaper Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (WAZ) announced the winner of the "Idea Makers" prize as voted by the general public on the website The EUR5,000 prize goes to the Graf-Engelbert school in Bochum for its project "Construction and operation of iron and copper Renn furnaces".

The winning project was chosen by online voting. Website users were able to select their favorite during the Ideas Park from May 20 - 27, 2006. The winning project received 1,176 of the 3,917 valid votes cast.

The objective of the prize-winning project is to raise interest among school students in smelting, which has a centuries-old history in the region. The students analyzed the failures of past tests and intend to use their findings to start new tests aimed at processing a larger quantity of Renn iron and casting the bronze produced.

ThyssenKrupp and WAZ honored the 10 winners of the first round of the technology support program on May 20, 2006. From the same day, these projects were then posted on the website with a description and pictures to allow visitors to the site to vote for their favorite.

The "Idea Makers" program supports projects by schools and nonprofit organizations which successfully promote technical understanding and technical skills among children and young people. It is not just a question of imparting knowledge but above all of using knowledge in concrete technical solutions.

The second round of the "Idea Makers" national technology support program will start this fall. The competition is open to all schools and age groups, including kindergartens and other nonprofit educational bodies. Further information on the second round is available on the website

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