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Products and solutions, 2000-12-08, 01:00 AM

HM 2600 with StartSelect system - New hydraulic hammer from Krupp Berco Bautechnik

Krupp Berco Bautechnik GmbH, Essen/Germany, has developed a hydraulic hammer with selectable start-up settings. Available since November in both Eco and Marathon(R) versions, the new HM 2600 features the StartSelect system which allows users to change the start-up setting of the hammer quickly and easily to match operating conditions. The new Krupp hammer also benefits from an improved piston sealing system and newly designed tie rods with thread inserts for a further improvement in availability.

The settings provided by the StartSelect system are "easy start-up" and "automatic shut-off". "Easy start-up" mode allows the hammer to commence work as soon as the tool comes into contact with the material to be broken. If idle blows are registered, the hammer does not shut off automatically but continues to operate at reduced energy, protected by the standard AutoControl system. As soon as the tool comes up against firm resistance again, AutoControl switches back automatically to full power.

Krupp Berco Bautechnik GmbH recommends the "easy start-up" setting in particular when reducing oversizes in loose mined rock and when working on light concrete structures. This mode also improves handling and thus productivity when using the hammer in horizontal or overhead position. Krupp Berco Bautechnik supplies the hammer ex works in "easy-start-up" mode.

The "automatic shut-off" setting is recommended for jobs in firm ground conditions, such as trenching or foundation work or for breaking heavy concrete structures. Bench leveling in quarries and excavating foundations from solid rock are further applications in which this StartSelect mode helps greatly reduce wear. In this setting, the hammer cuts out automatically as soon as the percus-sion piston no longer strikes the working steel. And on jobs where visibility is poor, e.g. underwater applications, "automatic shut-off" mode prevents dam-aging idle blows.

The HM 2600 replaces Krupp Berco Bautechnik's HM 2500 model. Like its predecessor, the new hammer is designed for mounting on carriers in the 45-75 metric ton class and weighs in at around 4.1 tons. Operating at a pressure of 160 to 180 bar and an oil flow rate of 250 to 320 liters per minute it has the same hydraulic input data as the HM 2500 and is designed for the same working tools, which means that the supply of spares for HM 2500 models is also ensured.

The Eco version of Krupp Berco Bautechnik's HM 2600 with StartSelect system features the AutoControl automatic stroke switching system as standard and offers the ContiLube(R) II automatic lubrication unit as an optional extra. The Marathon(R) version features both AutoControl and ContiLube(R) II as standard along with the DustProtector system. As a further option, both the Eco and the Marathon(R) versions are available with the Vibrosilenced Plus system for enhanced noise reduction.

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