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Company News, 2015-08-06, 11:00 AM

Over 890 young people begin their apprenticeship with ThyssenKrupp

A total of 890 youngsters will begin their apprenticeship with ThyssenKrupp between now and September 1. "We're delighted that so many young people have chosen to take on this exciting challenge at ThyssenKrupp. Our apprentices experience the full range of industrial expertise, from classic steelmaking to state-of-the-art elevator technology through to raw materials distribution," says Oliver Burkhard, CHRO of ThyssenKrupp AG. ThyssenKrupp currently has over 3,200 apprentices throughout Germany. From office clerk to chemical laboratory worker to materials tester to machinist, ThyssenKrupp offers over 50 different apprenticeship occupations in Germany. Topping the list of the Group's most popular apprenticeship occupations this year is once again industrial mechanic, followed by mechatronic engineer and wholesale and export manager.

"The quality of training is our top priority. It's the key to securing good career prospects for our young talent and increasing our innovative strength at ThyssenKrupp," says Burkhard. In 30 apprentice training shops and 54 works schools the apprentices have the support of 129 full-time trainers. In the past 12 months alone, ThyssenKrupp has started building two more training centers: the Industrial Solutions training center in Beckum, due for completion this summer, and the ThyssenKrupp System Engineering training center in Lockweiler, opening in fall 2016.

At currently 5.4 percent the apprenticeship training rate is down slightly from last year (5.6 percent) but has been steady for years. Of the young people who finished their apprenticeships in 2014, 82 percent were retained. Most of ThyssenKrupp’s apprenticeship places continue to be in North Rhine-Westphalia, where over 60 percent of the Group’s apprentices complete their 3-year programs with various subsidiaries.

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