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Products and solutions, 2006-10-24, 09:01 AM

Mobile rooms using DAVEX® lightweight profiles

DAVEX® lightweight profiles are now making inroads in the area of container construction. Launched in May 2006, this lightweight variant of the DAVEX® beam quickly gained popularity with manufacturers of high bay storage systems and has now also become established in the construction of containers. Here again, price is the key argument for customers. DAVEX® lightweight profiles are double-T profiles specially developed for use in storage systems, drywall construction and lightweight load-bearing steel structures. They offer the same strength as conventional beams but use less material, thus reducing costs.

Containers made with DAVEX® profiles are used as mobile rooms for offices, construction site accommodation, schools, kindergartens and hospitals. The DAVEX® beams act as load-bearing profiles in the floor and roof sections. Compared with the IPE profiles or cold-formed beams previously used for this, the DAVEX® beams feature up to 40 percent less material and provide correspondingly high cost savings. Container construction is a new, lucrative market for ThyssenKrupp DAVEX: some 250,000 such containers are produced each year in Europe alone, and each requires between 20 and 40 meters of beams.

A special roll joining technology makes it possible to produce DAVEX® lightweight profiles more cost-efficiently than conventional double-T beams for lightweight load-bearing steel structures. Other profiles are generally made from two bolted-together C-profiles or are shaped by roll forming. In the first of these variants, the beam is particularly thick in the very area which contributes least to the load-bearing properties: the web, in which the two C-profiles are bolted together. In the roll-formed version, the flanges are twice as thick as the web but are not rigidly connected, which means that more material has to be used to provide the required stability.

As true double-T profiles, DAVEX® lightweight profiles offer the required load-bearing capacity without unnecessarily increasing material thickness. ThyssenKrupp DAVEX's patented roll joining technology is a continuous process in which steel strips are connected by a firm friction/positive joint to form high-strength profiles without the need for welding. Flanges and web have exactly the thickness needed to meet the specified structural requirements - no less and no more. For container applications, ThyssenKrupp DAVEX supplies profiles in heights of 60 and 180 millimeters and flange widths of between 40 and 100 millimeters.

Using this innovative technology, ThyssenKrupp DAVEX GmbH has already launched DAVEX® carbon steel facade beams and DAVEX® stainless steel beams with great success in the construction and engineering sectors. The company operates the only production line in the world based on roll joining technology - the only process capable of manufacturing true double-T profiles in light gauges.

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