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Products and solutions, 2003-02-25, 01:00 AM

IT needs to be a perfect fit

The Keiper Recaro group, worldwide provider of high-quality metal components and structures for passenger car seats as well as complete seats for passenger cars, utility vehicles and aircraft, has entrusted Triaton, the ThyssenKrupp Serv AG`s IT service provider, with planning, installing and around-the-clock operation of its SAP R/3 environment for ca. 1,700 users. In addition, operation of the EDI system and the human resources management systems PAISY and TARIS containing ca. 4,000 personnel master records was outsourced to Triaton.

Keiper Recaro has an integrated network of about 25 systems that interoperate online. Classic SAP R/3 systems, systems, EDI systems, the Recaro online store and internal systems such as human resources management systems which are linked to the SAP system through online interfaces are components of the operating environment that was up for bids. Ensuring a worldwide and timely changeover from the previous provider - for all German and foreign locations in Poland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Japan, the USA and Canada, whose operations all depend on the global integrated network - presented an exceptional challenge.

Profiting from added value

"As a result of this change of providers, besides cost savings of 15% in comparison with in-house operation we expect, above all, to make use of added value of a qualitative nature", emphasizes Alfons Wahlers, head of IT at Keiper. On the one hand, the automotive supplier profits from industry-independent service packages such as storage services, general operating services, CPU services, backup services, monitoring services or even system monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. "On the other hand, we were also looking for an IT service provider who is at home in the auto industry and can present us solutions. Today`s industry-specific topics such as EDI / Web EDI, eProcurement, supply chain management (SCM) or tying collaborative engineering processes into the existing SAP world are the essential tasks of the future. This is added value that we can make quite clear in our work with other suppliers and customers", Alfons Wahlers expounds on his expectations of the new provider.

Triaton is well-familiar with automotive-specific processes and requirements. The IT service provider is a Special Expertise Partner mySAP in the automotive area and offers a broad portfolio of IT and eBusiness solutions. Triaton supports the automotive industry - from business process management, to Web EDI and Internet-supported procurement (eProcurement) and CRM, up to the operation of Web marketplaces - in constructing efficient eBusiness structures that withstand the immense competitive pressure and help to exploit untapped savings potentials.

Triaton - The BusinessProcessor

The Triaton GmbH, headquartered in Krefeld, is a company of the ThyssenKrupp Serv AG and among the leading international IT service providers. The company is active worldwide and has ca. 2,200 employees domestically and abroad. The company generated around 364 million euro in revenues in the fiscal year 2001/02. Triaton`s aim is to support industrial companies` leap into the eConomy through holistic (plan, build, run) accompaniment of all business processes.

The company offers its customers solutions in the sense of one-stop shopping: consulting, eBusiness solutions for their core business processes and outsourcing services for their secondary business processes. Solutions such as business intelligence (BI), customer relationship management (CRM), document management, enterprise application integration (EAI), EDI / Web EDI, eSales, eProcurement, portals, enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM) as well as system management belong to its service portfolio. With over 500 operated systems, the company is one of Europe`s largest SAP service providers.

The company stems from the IT units of Thyssen, Krupp, Hoesch and Hoechst and, thanks to this history, has many years of industrial experience. Triaton addresses clear market segments within industry and is familiar with the complex IT requirements in the automotive, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and metal/paper/wood segments.


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