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Capital market-relevant press releases, 2012-11-02, 11:04 AM

ThyssenKrupp receives mega-order for fertilizer plants in the US exceeding 1 billion euros

On November 1, 2012, ThyssenKrupp Uhde received a major order for the design and construction of fertilizer plants in Port Neal (Iowa, US) and Donaldsonville (Louisiana, US) via its US business partner Uhde Corporation of America. The order further testifies to the consistent expansion of the diversified industrial group’s technology business. “ThyssenKrupp Uhde is a market leader in the construction of plants for the processing of natural gas – the central growth driver for the US petrochemical industry. This order is a strong case in point and proof of our sophisticated engineering skills,” says Dr Olaf Berlien, member of the board of ThyssenKrupp AG.

The projects have been ordered by CF Industries Holdings, Inc. (CFI). Combined, the two orders exceed 1 billion euros. “This cooperation with CF Industries, our partner of many years, on the two plant complexes will be another step towards improving the fertilizer plant infrastructure in the US; it also strengthens the market position of ThyssenKrupp’s plant engineering business in North America,” says Torsten Gessner, Chairman and CEO of ThyssenKrupp North America.

An ammonia plant with a daily capacity of 2,200 metric tons, a urea plant (3,500 tons per day) and a urea granulation plant (3,500 tons per day) will be constructed in Port Neal, Iowa, a strategically important location in the midst of the mid west United States corn belt.

An ammonia plant with a daily capacity of 3,300 metric tons, a urea plant and a urea granulation plant with the same capacity as in Port Neal will be constructed in Donaldsonville, Louisiana. ThyssenKrupp Uhde will also design and construct a nitric acid and a UAN (Urea Ammonium Nitrate) plant on the premises.

The expansion at the two facilities will significantly reduce the dependence of the United States on fertilizer imports from the MENA region by using North American gas reserves.

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