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Products and solutions, 2000-09-22, 02:00 AM

Krupp Automotive Systems presents front axle independent suspension for medium-heavy trucks

Until now independent suspension has only been used in the commercial vehicle sector in vans, buses or all-terrain vehicles. Manufacturers are now looking at ways to introduce this suspension concept in vehicles that still currently use rigid axles. The advantages are clear: the marked reduction in unsprung mass offers significantly better handling. Each wheel can react independently to bumps in the road and disturbances are absorbed more efficiently. Safety is increased by greater roll stability and more exact wheel control even at higher speeds. The reduction in dynamic wheel loads significantly enhances ride comfort while at the same time protecting cargo and road surface. The elimination of the axle bracket frees up additional space, allowing sill height to be lowered.

At the IAA show, Krupp Automotive Systems is presenting a study of an eco-nomic front axle independent suspension system for medium-heavy trucks. The centerpiece of the system is an integral subframe on which the entire suspension system is pre-assembled. At the truck manufacturer?s plant the system can be easily assembled to the vehicle frame. The design is suitable for trucks up to 15 tons gross weight and can be adapted to either air or steel springs.

As system integrator Krupp Automotive Systems takes care of project management, system engineering and coordinating internal and external component suppliers. The main components are made by ThyssenKrupp Automotive companies. The integral subframe with mountings, the forged upper control arm and the sheet metal lower control arm are made by plants of Thyssen Umformtechnik + Guss GmbH (TUG). Steering knuckles and spring supports are also made by TUG plants. Krupp Hoesch Federn GmbH makes the springs and stabilizer bars, while Krupp Bilstein GmbH is responsible for the shock absorbers and Krupp Presta AG for the propeller shafts. Final assembly of the overall system together with the necessary logistical services is the job of Krupp Automotive Systems, offering future customers a complete solution from a single source.

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