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Products and solutions, 2003-06-17, 02:00 AM

EnCoke remains successful in battery hot repair

Repair and modernisation of coke oven batteries becomes more and more important for ThyssenKrupp EnCoke`s (TKEC) clients. After being awarded a large repair contract from SSAB Tunplat for its 7m battery in Lulea, Sweden, TKEC now got two further repair contracts from Italy and Canada.

ILVA in Taranto, a key customer of TKEC in Italy, placed an order for the next phase of the overall repair program for Batteries 7 & 8 with a capacity of 820,000 t/a which began in 2002. After several smaller follow-up contracts, ILVA now commissioned TKEC for a larger repair program valued approx. 6 million euros, mainly for refractory hot repair. The total order value for these batteries accumulates now to 37 million euros. Due to the step-by-step execution of the entire repair program under operational conditions the coke loss for the blast furnaces remains comparably low - a substantial benefit for ILVA, especially as the coke prices are at an extreme height as at present.

Another repair contract was awarded to TKEC USA in Bridgeville near Pittsburgh, Pa. The Canadian client Algoma Steel placed the order for a thorough repair of No. 8 Battery at its coke plant in Sault Ste. Marie at the shore of lake Ontario. The order comprises replacement of heating walls and repair of the battery bracing. Materials and other supplies will be purchased from the TKEC office in Pittsburgh, the physical execution of the repair work will be done by Still Otto Montage, a subsidiary of TKEC which has been with very successful in the execution of this type of work. The total order volume is approx. 4.3 million euros.

With these two orders TKEC together with its affiliated companies has proven its competence as well as competitiveness in this tough market. As in both cases the orders are part of a major repair scheme the way is paved for further activities in this field.

<small>ThyssenKrupp EnCoke is a company within the ThyssenKrupp Technologies Group. Its main activities are planning, construction and commissioning of coke oven batteries, gas treatment plants, offsite facilities and related services.</small>

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