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Capital market-relevant press releases, 2007-02-13, 07:30 AM

ThyssenKrupp - outstanding start in fiscal year 2006/2007

ThyssenKrupp carried on seamlessly from a very good fiscal 2005/2006 in the 1st quarter 2006/2007. In a generally favorable economic environment the Group successfully continued its course of sustainable, profitable growth. Group sales increased by 13% from the prior-year quarter to €12.3 billion. Group earnings before taxes improved to €1,062 million from €425 million in the prior-year period. This is the highest quarterly income ever.

ThyssenKrupp expects the generally positive business situation to continue in the further course of the year. Executive Board Chairman Dr. Ekkehard Schulz: “For the full year 2006/2007 we forecast sales of €48 to 49 billion. Our sustainable goal for earnings before taxes is €2.5 billion. After exceeding this figure significantly in 2005/2006 we are confident of doing the same in the current fiscal year. This is based on the assumption that the world economy remains stable and energy prices stay within manageable limits.”

The highlights for the 1st quarter 2006/2007 were as follows:
・ Order intake reached €13.3 billion, 15% more than in the corresponding prior-year quarter.

・ Sales increased by 13% to €12.3 billion.

・ EBITDA was €1,507 million, compared with €898 million in the 1st quarter of the prior year.

・ Earnings before taxes improved from €425 million in the prior-year quarter to €1,062 million. All segments contributed to the increase compared with the 1st quarter of the prior year. Thanks to high price levels and strong demand for stainless steel products, the Stainless segment made a major contribution despite the continuing effects of the fire at the Krefeld plant. The Steel and Services segments also achieved significant profit increases due to high demand and the favorable price situation for steel and industrial materials. Technologies and Elevator increased their earnings contributions from a high level.

・ Earnings per share increased to €1.31 from €0.49 in the prior-year quarter.
・ Net financial liabilities at December 31, 2006 were €391 million, an increase of €1,138 million compared with September 30, 2006, when we reported net financial receivables of €747 million. On December 31, 2005 net financial liabilities stood at €315 million.
German and English versions of the full interim report are available for downloading and as an online version at

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