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Setting clean energy in motion Innovative solutions for wind turbines Developing the future.

Contents The future of wind energy g g g 04 06 08 Our planet needs good ideas Solutions for a future worth living Our solutions for wind power point the way forward Solutions 10 14 16 20 22 26 28 30 32 34 Concentrated expertise for onshore and offshore installations Customized research and development solutions Materials solutions Customized materials distribution solutions Component solutions Service lift solutions Engineering solutions for automated rotor blade production Foundation solutions Condition monitoring solutions Our brand is a seal of quality around the world g g g g g g g g

The future of wind energy

g 04 Our planet needs good ideas Our world faces major challenges. Global demand for resources is growing, but available raw material reserves are finite. How can we manage scarce resources efficiently and ensure security of supply for future generations? Climate conditions on our planet are changing rapidly. The consequences are already becoming visible. How can we protect ourselves effectively from climate change? More and more people in the world want a western standard of living. But how can we provide enough energy for this while minimizing the impact on the environment? Energy is expensive and is becoming scarcer. That's not going to change in the future. How can we use energy as responsibly as possible? How can we tap unlimited energy sources? ThyssenKrupp with its engineering expertise offers a wide variety of solutions for these global challenges in the areas Material, Mechanical and Plant, and is constantly seeking further innovative responses.

"Environmental responsibility, climate protection and resource conservation are firmly established in our corporate strategy." The future of wind energy

g 06 Solutions for a future worth living We regard it as our duty to help shape a sustainable future for present and future generations. In everything we do, we attach great importance to considering economic, social and environmental aspects and to doing business in a sustainable way. Our strategy is based on the global drivers of demographics, advancing urbanization and globalization, as well as the constraints imposed by climate change, finite resources and political conditions. Using resources and energy efficiently and avoiding emissions are areas in which we have already come a long way, both in our own production processes and in the solutions and products we offer our customers. New eco-friendly technologies are taking us further down this path, meeting needs for both "more" and "better". They present business opportunities, strengthen our competitiveness and help secure jobs. As a solution provider for our customers, we develop innovative technologies and materials that open up new roads and help shape a sustainable future.

"By developing innovative technologies and materials, we are helping to shape the future in an environmentally and economically responsible way." The future of wind energy

g 08 Our solutions for wind power point the way forward Demand for electricity from renewable energies is rising rapidly. Wind power is already playing an important role in this today, and will gain further importance in the future. In many regions of the world, governments are promoting the production of wind energy. While the efficiency levels of wind turbines are already quite high, the intermittent way they produce electricity requires further advances in energy storage and improved connections between energy producers and consumers. Through improvements to turbines and generators, wind energy plants are becoming more economic, even in areas with only moderate wind conditions. The aim must be to install efficient wind turbines at suitable locations in such a way that they can ultimately compete against conventional large-scale power plants without government support (e. g. through feed-in payments as in the German system). Offshore wind turbines are the current trend. Strong and steady winds make for much higher power yields. Repowering is another important area - replacing old wind turbines with new, more powerful and more efficient units. In the field of offshore wind energy utilization, too, our customers profit from our unique knowledge of technologies and materials. Our research and development centers work to continuously improve our products and secure the highest quality standards. We focus systematically on innovation. We have particularly extensive materials expertise in electricity production, transmission and distribution. In recent years, we have developed groundbreaking solutions for optimizing efficiency. We constantly seek out and exploit innovative ideas to benefit our customers.

"We strive to develop products that protect environment and climate. Our outstanding engineering expertise also benefits our wind turbine customers." The future of wind energy

g 10 Concentrated expertise for onshore and offshore installations Wind turbines have to be positioned optimally, and that applies to their economics as well. All our materials, components and services are designed for high performance and enduring reliability. Our solutions are also distinguished by low maintenance and repair requirements. Our customers profit from our concentrated materials expertise in both the onshore and offshore sectors. Our materials are specifically designed to cope with extreme conditions at sea or at low temperatures.

Your partners for wind power g ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe g ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel g ThyssenKrupp Mannex g ThyssenKrupp Schulte g Rothe Erde g ThyssenKrupp Access Holding g ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik g ThyssenKrupp GfT Tiefbautechnik g ThyssenKrupp System Engineering Our solutions g Customized research and development g Materials g Customized materials distribution g Components g Service lift g Engineering for automated rotor blade production g Foundations g Condition monitoring

g 14 Customized research and development solutions

Research, innovation and knowledge-sharing: the best basis for first-class steel technology. ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe offers customized solutions in the field of research and development. For more information, visit www.thyssenkrupp-steel-europe.com/en/ portraet/innovation_technologie/ As well as working closely with our customers, we have partnerships with renowned universities and external research institutions such as the Fraunhofer Society and the Max Planck Society. In particular, our two departments "Development and Optimization" and "Applications Technology" offer unique expertise that can be used for wind energy plants. "Development and Optimization" is engaged in the further development of existing steels, coatings and technologies, and in the development of new steels and lightweight materials. Our surface engineering and pilot manufacturing facility in Dortmund is one of the world's leading development centers for flat steel coatings. "Applications Technology" advises and supports customers on all issues along the value chain. Our know-how is also used in the development of materials for renewable energies - from materials development and advice to support for commercial application and volume production. The portfolio includes the following activities: g Development of new products for innovative lightweight solutions, e. g. steel reinforcements for composite rotor blades, or for nacelles g Development of surface protection systems for wind turbines, in particular testing and development of alternative anticorrosion systems for high-strength steels and new functional coatings for wind turbines, e. g. self-cleaning surfaces g Customized materials development, e. g. improvement of mechanical properties or optimization of welding properties, e. g. for steel plates used in towers and foundation structures g Documentation of customer requirements for wind turbines as the basic prerequisite for continuous improvements to premium steel products g Development of cost- and weight-optimized concepts, validation by stiffness and strength analysis, feasibility studies for manufacturing processes g Provision of the following capabilities: CAD, CAE, forming process feasibility analysis, fatigue strength testing, cost analysis and evaluation, requirements-based material selection

g 16 Materials solutions

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe is one of the world's leading suppliers of flat carbon steel. Our premium steel products are available in the form of hot-rolled strip, coated sheet and heavy plate in a wide variety of sizes and grades. In offshore applications in particular, customers benefit from our unique materials expertise. Many of our materials are specifically designed to cope with extreme conditions. For components at risk from corrosion, our coated sheet products are ideal, e. g. as a material for nacelles, nacelle enclosures, gearboxes, machine houses, access platforms, service lifts or control boxes. Our heavy plate is suitable for tower and foundation structures, while for the electrical equipment there's the grain oriented or non grain oriented electrical steel PowerCore® from ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel. Heavy plate for robust structures Heavy plate products are the basis for highly stressed steel structures. Produced on state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, they guarantee maximum robustness and strength with significantly reduced weight. They are used wherever extreme toughness is essential. We supply quarto plate and cut-tolength plate for diverse uses via a global distribution network. PowerCore® electrical steel for highest energy efficiency Electrical steel is used as a core material in the electrical components industry throughout the entire energy value chain: from electricity production (generators) to transmission and distribution (transformers) to consumption (electric motors, appliances). The efficiency of the equipment is determined to a large extent by the magnetic properties of electrical steel. ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel is a premium manufacturer of electrical steel with a global footprint. Under the brand name PowerCore®, we supply this highly specialized steel in grain oriented and non grain oriented quality. Our products made for highly efficient electrical machines - helping conserve resources and protect the environment. PowerCore® is a high-tech electrical steel offering excellent processing characteristics, outstanding magnetic properties and very high energy efficiency. It is available all over the world. We carry out intensive research to develop new, even better grades for challenging applications. We also invest in manufacturing equipment to enable us to supply products meeting the highest performance standards. We support our customers with know-how, service and advice on applications, e. g. in the development of manufacturing strategies or in optimizing the efficiency of electrical equipment. Further product specifications can be found in the product literature for heavy plate and PowerCore® grain oriented and non grain oriented electrical steel

g 16 Materials solutions

Detailed information on heavy plate g Quarto plate is used in the towers, access platforms and foundations of wind turbines. Other applications in the offshore sector include boat loading towers and foundation structures, e. g. in the construction of jack-up rigs and jackets g Structural steels in the basic grades S235 and S355 are available in thicknesses of 4 to 125 mm, widths up to 3,600 mm and lengths up to 24,000 mm g In the offshore sector, thermomechanically rolled and accelerated cooled steels, with yield strengths from 355 to 460 MPa in thicknesses up to 60 mm and widths up to 3,500 mm, are used. Due to their low carbon equivalent, high level of cleanness and use of thermomechanical rolling, these steels display outstanding toughness and weldability, and are chiefly used for foundation structures g For jack-up ships and their equipment, e. g. cranes, our even stronger special structural steels N-A-XTRA® and XABO® allow the use of lightweight structures that guarantee high reliability and safety Detailed information on PowerCore® electrical steel g Due to its unique texture and associated specialized properties, electrical steel makes a major contribution to resource conservation and sustainable environmental protection in the energy field g In wind turbines, non grain oriented PowerCore® electrical steel is used as a material for generators, motors and other electrical parts, e. g. contactors and chokes g Non grain oriented electrical steel is available as fully finished (PowerCore® A), high-permeability (PowerCore® AP) or semi-finished (PowerCore® K) in various grades and in thicknesses of 0.2 to 1.0 mm g Laminated or wound grain oriented electrical steel is the core material used in power and distribution transformers and also in small transformers g PowerCore® C (conventional) and PowerCore® H (high-permeability) grain oriented electrical steel is supplied in thicknesses of 0.18 mm (on request) to 0.35 mm

g 20 Customized materials distribution solutions

With our leading materials distribution companies, we can provide expert advice on materials and processing, ensuring outstanding quality as well as service and production from a single source. Flexible and close to customers: over 40 locations in Germany and an international sales network A tight-knit global distribution network keeps us close to our customers and allows us to respond quickly and flexibly. Our services are tailored to our customers' requirements. Flexible material availability and extensive stocks provide additional dependability. The range is rounded out by sophisticated logistics solutions such as just-in-time delivery and complete supply chain management, which we continuously improve in collaboration with our customers. Our products include carbon steel, stainless steel and nonferrous metals in the form of flat, tubular and long products - many of them also as specialties and in custom sizes. We can supply cut-to-length mill plate, quarto plate and sheet in all customary stock sizes or as slit strip or custom blanks in varying steel grades. In addition, we provide processing services such as bending, laser cutting and hemming for cold-rolled materials and blasting/priming, levelling, bending and flame-cutting for hot-rolled products. Processing for long products includes saw cutting, miter cutting, bevelling, bending, drilling, surface protection through blasting, preserving, painting and hot-dip galvanizing, welding as well as ready-to-use steel structural components. Products for wind turbines in detail: g Quarto plate (plain, machined or processed, e. g. with weld preparation), electrical steel and sheet g Steel pipes - seamless or spirally, longitudinally or circumferentially welded - for foundations and superstructures (including processing such as inner and outer end machining, welding of reinforcement plates/rings, coating systems) as well as pipe piling manufactured to customer requirements and prefabricated tubular components or structures for foundations g Other products, e. g. tread plate, grates and steps as materials for platforms, flame-cut parts for nacelles, starter rings or gears, rotor shafts with weights of 8.3 to max. 12.8 metric tons (as-forged or ready to install) and ready-to-install machine housings g Structural shapes and profiles, e. g. beams, square or U-steel profiles for the construction of gear housings, access platforms, boat landings or service lifts g Carbon and special stainless steel bar, e. g. for gearing and drive shafts g Copper rods, e. g. for use in the generator g High-strength bolts, nuts and connecting elements for various uses in onshore and offshore installations g Tubular sections for the nacelle, hydraulic pipes for use in generators

g 22 Component solutions

In the world's biggest research and development center, state-of-the-art technology is used to test and constantly improve forward-looking bearing solutions under the toughest of conditions. As a result of this intensive research work, Rothe Erde® slewing bearings are used successfully in wind turbines across the world. We also hold a leading position in seamless rolled rings of steel and nonferrous metals. As important structural and connecting elements in wind turbines, slewing bearings and rings make a major and sustainable contribution to conserving resources through the use of renewable energies. Slewing bearings Slewing bearings for wind turbines absorb all axial and radial forces and the resulting tilting moments in a single bearing unit. They are compact in design and have an excellent power-to-weight ratio. Rothe Erde® slewing bearings are used as rotor, yaw and pitch bearings. The yaw and pitch bearings mainly perform adjusting movements. Continuously changing loads place a particular strain on the pitch adjustment bearings. We produce slightly preloaded yaw and pitch bearings with defined frictional torques to prevent false brinelling. The rotor and main bearing, as a self-contained thrust bearing, is subjected to extremely high dynamic loads. It permits a compact and light nacelle design by dispensing with the need for a rotor shaft. Three-row cylindrical roller bearings and two-row tapered roller bearings with special seals have proved particularly successful for these applications. Rings We supply seamless rolled rings to customer specifications, from simple as-rolled parts to ready-machined components in diameters from 300 to 8,000 mm and weights of up to 30,000 kg. On request, we can carry out custom machining of rings up to an outside diameter of approx. 15,000 mm on state-of-the-art machining centers. Our rings are available in a wide variety of designs and grades to all common standards and customer specifications, and are suitable for all applications. Product specifications and further applications at www.rotheerde.com/GB/info_material.asp

g 22 Component solutions

Rothe Erde® is world market leader in slewing bearings. We were involved in the design of the first research facilities and can look back on decades of experience. Our pre-sales service ensures we find the ideal technical solution: from technical advice to design, engineering, preparation of drawings, integration of finite element analysis including connecting parts, through to provision of all necessary certifications. Our aftersales service provides for continuous, trouble-free operation: from installation to maintenance and repairs to training. Detailed information on slewing bearings g Available in diameters from 300 to 8,000 mm in closed design g Use of special ozone- and UV-resistant double-lip seals to guarantee optimal protection of the raceways g Various surface treatments are available to ensure external corrosion protection, such as sand blasting and subsequent zinc flame spraying to EN 22063 Detailed information on rings g As-rolled and machined g With heat treatment: annealed/normalized/hardened g Suitable for all offshore and onshore applications, e. g. ready-to-install as yaw tops, tower flanges, foundation rings, gear rings and shaft-hub connections Rothe Erde® offers the right slewing bearing for all requirements in diameters up to 8,000 mm

g 26 Service lift solutions

ThyssenKrupp is one of the world's leading elevator companies. We have developed a new range of service lifts specifically for the maintenance and repair of wind turbines. Further information can be found in the service lift flyer Our SL 250 and SL 250 Reversible service lifts are designed with the needs of service technicians in mind and offer space for two people including tools. Special cable tensioning devices reduce cab movements to a minimum. In the patented "R" design of the SL 250 Reversible, the support and safety cables are guided through the inside of the cab over a length of around 3 meters to enhance safety. The units are driven by an electric cable hoist, which positions the service lift on a support cable. The parallel safety cable passes through an integrated overspeed safety device. The modular design can be adapted to individual customer requirements. Together with the product, the installation and service know-how is also passed on to the customer to allow maintenance work to be carried out in-house. That saves costs and time and gives our customers greater flexibility. Further product details: g Our lifts comply with the machinery directive 2006/42/CE and can be equipped with accessories such as cab lighting and control panels (optional cable tensioning devices to simplify installation and operation) g The standard SL 250 model has a load capacity of max. 250 kg (other variants on request) g The SL 250 Reversible features a new design: the hoist is arranged below the cab (patent pending) This provides for greater headroom, safety, stability and storage space g The sophisticated product design simplifies installation and maintenance. Cable maintenance can be carried out inside the cab for greater safety and faster completion g Materials and tools are transported by remote control - intermediate stops for repairs are also possible in this way Innovative product solutions are tested in the test tower and undergo continuous improvement - here the service lift for wind turbines

g 28 Engineering solutions for automated rotor blade production

Automated rotor blade production reduces costs, shortens production time and improves quality. ThyssenKrupp System Engineering has unique expertise in this area and carries out extensive research work in conjunction with research institutes such as the Fraunhofer Institute IFAM, BIK and BIBA. Know-how transfer from other areas of business - new materials and innovative processes can be integrated very quickly We offer maximum innovation and productivity. Our customers can rely on continuous support throughout the process and excellent service. Through active project management and monitoring, we ensure the highest quality standards at all times. Our company is part of a global network, with engineering specialists available around the globe. In the simultaneous engineering phase we work together with the customer to jointly define specific requirements, which we then implement in full - from concept to production. The entire production facility for the rotor blades is designed, manufactured, installed and put into operation in accordance with customer specifications. The degree of automation can be varied in line with individual customer requirements. In addition to our services for the design, construction and start-up of machinery for automated component production, we also design and build rotor blade finishing equipment. Process and production plans are drawn up in collaboration with the customer taking all requirements into account. Once the rotor blade manufacturing facility has been set up, we offer integrated production support services to ensure production start-up runs smoothly. Monitoring systems are provided to indicate operating status and quality on the control and display systems. In this way, we actively support our customers' supply chain management activities. Further engineering services g Engineering and equipment construction, implementation of storage areas and feed lines for the raw materials, and individual rotor blade segments g Rotor blade measurement to obtain exact data, which can be used to optimize the production process and product quality and for subsequent data traceability 4 5 Design for a completely automated production and finishing line 1 Tape layer 2 Web/root manufacture and adhesive bonding 3 Flange machining 4 Contouring/finish machining 5 Painting 6 Drying/tempering 6

g 30 Foundation solutions

Offshore wind turbines require safe foundations, which have to be installed under extreme weather conditions - a very difficult job. We have advanced technology and first-class expertise in this area. Further product details at www.thyssenkrupp-bautechnik.com/ products Special equipment for foundation work ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik and ThyssenKrupp GfT Tiefbautechnik hire out and sell special equipment for foundation work, such as for tripod or jacket structures for offshore installations. Services include detailed advice on the choice of equipment and accessories. Maximum equipment availability on site is guaranteed by personnel who have been specially trained and certified for offshore work. One of our latest pioneering achievements is the successful offshore use of advanced vibration technology. The MS-200 HHF vibrator used for this has a centrifugal force of 400 metric tons and meets the high accuracy requirements for foundations by vibration driving pipe piles weighing up to 160 metric tons. This technique is low-noise and thus eco-friendly. Simple on-site settings to improve work progress allow the vibrator to be ideally adapted to seabed conditions. For large installations, we plan the use of more powerful or coupled units with modifications which simplify procedures and thus save costs. Anchors To keep piles firmly embedded in the seabed, ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik supplies anchors, so-called grouted piles, which are drilled down to the bedrock and pressure-grouted. The grouted pile is a tubular anchor and is supplied by ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik as a micropile. With this kind of anchor, operations such as inserting tie rods and extracting casings are no longer necessary. Anchor drilling equipment rounds out the product range.

g 32 Condition monitoring solutions

As a world leader in innovative testing equipment, ThyssenKrupp System Engineering has developed an online condition monitoring system - MDI-Wind - especially for wind turbines. MDI-Wind supports all common fieldbus systems - data transfer can also be realized via UMTS The system remotely monitors all wind turbine components as the basis for condition-based maintenance. The system - both software and hardware - is of modular, open design. It records the structure-borne sound signatures of drivetrain elements, rotor blades and tower, collecting operating data from the turbine control system and condition monitoring data in a single system. The intelligent evaluation and linking of the recorded signals permits adaptive monitoring strategies. MDI-Wind is OEM-independent. Hardware and software were developed by the same company. Our customers can tailor evaluation strategies and sensor systems to their specific equipment. Know-how from cooperation partners can be integrated easily, e. g. for blade and foundation monitoring. The advantage is that a single system is responsible for all monitoring parameters. Integration is straightforward as there is only one interface to the wind turbine. MDI-Wind makes it possible to include load and speed variations in evaluations, and when limits are exceeded it automatically triggers an alarm via a diagnostics center - around the clock, 365 days a year. Other product advantages g Monitoring of the complete drivetrain (bearings, gear unit, generator, oil), integration of tower and rotor blade monitoring and torque measurement - can also be adapted to a gearless turbine g Continuous data collection in the wind turbine (pre-processing, interim data storage) and transfer to a central database g Visualization and statistics (e. g. trend analyses), reports for remote maintenance planning and long-term archiving MDI-Wind software for vibration analysis

g 34 Our brand is a seal of quality around the world Europe Austria Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Monaco Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russian Federation Serbian Republic Slovak Republic Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom North America Canada Mexico USA Central America Guatemala Panama Puerto Rico South America Argentina Brazil Chile Colombia Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela

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g 36 Picture source ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik pilot project page 30 f. alpha ventus (photos: Jan Oelker, Matthias Ibeler) General information: All statements regarding the properties or use of materials and products are for the purposes of description only. Guarantees in respect of the existence of specific properties or of specific uses are subject to separate written agreements.

These ThyssenKrupp companies are helping advance wind energy ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG Research & Development Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 100 47166 Duisburg, Germany Phone: +49 203 52-45558 Fax: +49 203 52-25320 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-steel-europe.de E-mail: info.steel-europe@thyssenkrupp.com Customized research and development ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG Heavy Plate unit Mannesmannstrasse, Tor 9 47259 Duisburg, Germany Phone: +49 203 52-75627 Fax: +49 203 52-75657 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-steel-europe.com/grobblech/ E-mail: windenergie-grobblech@thyssenkrupp.com Materials ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel GmbH Kurt-Schumacher-Strasse 95 45881 Gelsenkirchen, Germany Phone: +49 209 407-50845 Fax: +49 209 407-50844 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-electrical-steel.com E-mail: info.electricalsteel@thyssenkrupp.com Materials ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH Zschortauer Strasse 105 04129 Leipzig, Germany Phone: +49 341 9174-700 Fax: +49 341 9174-777 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-schulte.com E-mail: windenergie.schulte.leipzig@thyssenkrupp.com Customized materials distribution ThyssenKrupp Mannex GmbH Hatzper Strasse 30 45149 Essen, Germany Phone: +49 201 844-0 Fax: +49 201 844-537806 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-mannex.com E-mail: windenergie.mannex@thyssenkrupp.com Customized materials distribution Rothe Erde GmbH Tremoniastrasse 5-11 44137 Dortmund, Germany Phone: +49 231 186-0 Fax: +49 231 186-2500 Internet: www.rotheerde.com E-mail: energie.rotheerde@thyssenkrupp.com Components ThyssenKrupp Access Holding GmbH ThyssenKrupp Allee 1 45143 Essen, Germany Phone: +49 201 844-50 Fax: +49 201 844-532027 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-access.com E-mail: info.servicelift@thyssenkrupp.com Service lifts ThyssenKrupp System Engineering GmbH Site Bremen Richard-Taylor-Strasse 89 28777 Bremen, Germany Phone: +49 421 6888-0 Fax: +49 421 6888-1097 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-systemengineering.com E-mail: windenergie.systemengineering@thyssenkrupp.com Engineering solutions for automated rotor blade production ThyssenKrupp GfT Bautechnik GmbH ThyssenKrupp Allee 1 45143 Essen, Germany Phone: +49 201 844-562313 Fax: +49 201 844-562333 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-bautechnik.com E-mail: bautechnik@thyssenkrupp.com Foundations ThyssenKrupp GfT Tiefbautechnik GmbH Alte Liederbacher Strasse 6 36304 Alsfeld, Germany Phone: +49 6631 781-0 Fax: +49 6631 781-150 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-gft-tiefbautechnik.com E-mail: tiefbautechnik@thyssenkrupp.com Foundations ThyssenKrupp System Engineering GmbH Site Langenhagen Bayernstrasse 17 30855 Langenhagen, Germany Phone: +49 511 74091-0 Fax: +49 511 74091-6250 Internet: www.thyssenkrupp-systemengineering.com E-mail: egm.support@thyssenkrupp.com Condition monitoring

ThyssenKrupp AG ThyssenKrupp Allee 1 45143 Essen · Germany www.thyssenkrupp.com