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Uhde High Pressure Technologies GmbH

Design and in-house fabrication of high-pressure systems and components for operating pressures of up to 14,000 bar PRODUCTION PROGRAMME
High-Pressure Technology
Uhde High Pressure Technologies (Uhde HPT) is one of the leading companies in high-pressure technology with the clear claim to market leadership. Since the founding of the company, we have been developing and building high-pressure plants for the most stringent demands. With innovative applications, processes and components, we are treading new paths in high-pressure technology time and again.
Our customers appreciate the high quality of our products and services and their constant refinement – at both national and international levels. For example, high-pressure plants from Uhde HPT can be found in all parts of the world where they are proving their class and, in many cases, have been doing so for decades already.
The applications of high pressure improve processes or, in part, permit them in the first place. In this respect, the potential offered by high-pressure technology has not yet been exhausted by far. Uhde HPT is therefore cooperating closely with the producing industries, research institutes and universitites in order to test new ideas, to develop methods and to prove the technical possibility and the economic viability in feasibility studies.
Low-density polyethylene (LDPE), urea synthesis, hydrogenation processes, oil and gas production, high-pressure extraction and pasteurisation for the food and pharmaceutical industries as well as waterjet cutting are among the most important industrial high-pressure processes for which Uhde HPT designs and manufactures regularly.
Uhde HPT has comprehensive engineering competence for all the plant design aspects specific to high pressure: Scope of supply:
- Process design and optimisation
- Basic engineering
- Detail engineering
- Material specifications and tube class elaboration
- Stress analyses for components and piping systems
- Steel construction design and tube support systems
Equipment and Piping
Uhde HPT designs and manufactures high-pressure equipment according to customers’ specifications and custom-designed special equipment.
Scope of supply
- Tubular and autoclave reactors up to 4,000 bar operating pressure
- Pressure vessels up to 14,000 bar operating pressure according to various manufacturing technologies (welded constructions, multilayer vessels, autofrettaged vessels)
- Heat exchangers (types: tube bundle, double tube and longitudinally finned tube)
- Piping systems from 325 up to 14,000 bar. Uhde develops its own tube classes and is able to supply prefabricated isometrics.
Uhde HPT develops and manufactures high-pressure valves.
Scope of supply
- High-pressure valves can be fabricated with all the desired drives and material combinations.
- The modular structure guarantees that the valves can be adapted to various piping standards in a simple and cost-efficient way.
- Interchangeable seats and additional designs satisfy ever more stringent requirements.
- The entire controller is integrated into one control unit and is installed with the valve in order to form one system without any interfaces.
- The fabrication know-how for new alloys is being refined in order to avoid corrosion problems in operation.
- In addition, complete hydraulic systems and valve test stations are included in our product range.
Uhde HPT has decades of experience with the design and fabrication of ultrahigh-pressure pumps with operating pressures up to 14,000 bar for a wide range of industrial applications. The modular structure of the product lines permits cost-efficient adaptation to individual requirements.
Scope of supply
- Pumps for waterjet cutting (4,000 - 6,000 bar)
- Catalyst and modifier pumps for metering applications in the LDPE industry (280 - 4,000 bar)
- Pumps for HPP, HIP and CIP plants (up to 7,000 bar)
- Test and autofrettage pumps (up to 14,000 bar)
- Special pumps (e.g. for applications in the fine chemicals industry)
All the production plants from Uhde HPT are characterised by a very high technical standard with flexibility and efficiency, reliability and longevity as well as safety. The large number of continuously operated plants with extremely long service lives set the standard for the sector.
Scope of supply
Uhde HPT supplies custom-tailored plants for all industries, including DQ, IQ and OQ according to cGMP and GAMP regulations in case of pharmaceutical applications, if requested. This permits production according to the rules of FDA, EMEA or similar organisations.
HPP High-Pressure Processing (HPP)
HPP is an innovative method primarily intended for preserving food. However, HPP does not only stand for the gentle preservation of food but also for many other industrial applications for product refinement.
Scope of supply
- Custom-tailored UHDE production plants are characterised by a consistently modular structure.
- With a vessel volume of 50 to 350 l, a maximum working pressure up to 7,000 bar (101,500 psi) and a starting temperature of 2° to 95°C, diverse components are available.
High-tech plants need high-quality servce. Uhde HPT is your competent partner for the lifetime of your plant. Because we not only plan the complex components but also ensure the assembly and excellent after-sales service. For this purpose, we offer you a comprehensive spectrum of services from one source which we are constantly refining together with our customers:
Scope of supply
- Site monitoring
- Proper assembly and setting-up of the plant for smooth commissioning
- Operator and maintenance training with competent training courses, also for connecting elements of the components
- Inspections and recurring tests for the operational safety throughout the utilisation period
- Repair of components which display damage during operation or in the course of an inspection
- Complete overhauling service upon completion of the service life of a component
- Plant redesigning in order to extend the production capacities; help with regard to the tube design analysis, the finite element analysis, the vibration analysis or, for example, the design and analysis of the steel structure
- Development service for the design and mechanics of the components
- Lifelong availability of high-quality spare parts complying with the latest industrial standards
- High-pressure maintenance workshops for operators
- Tests with supercritical fluids in particular for process development and optimisation


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