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thyssenkrupp Quarter
thyssenkrupp Quarter

Sustainability is an integral part of our corporate strategy

As a diversified industrial group, thyssenkrupp provides innovative products and solutions worldwide that secure sustainable success for our customers and therefore make a positive contribution to global sustainable development. Together with our customers we focus on the future and include economic, ecological and social considerations in our decision-making processes. In this way we sustainably improve the performance of our products and strengthen the future of our company.

Schaubild Nachhaltigkeit

For a diversified industrial group like thyssenkrupp, sustainability management means positioning the company across a range of topic areas to ensure its long-term success. These range from growth to compliance to human rights to resource efficiency. Successful sustainability management requires a 360° view of our value chains.

Integrated reporting on the website

thyssenkrupp is reporting about its sustainability performance continuously and fully integrated into the Corporate website as well as within its annual reporting. For our reporting, we apply the international standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and of the Global Compact and integrate them in the multiple formats. A printed version or an own-standing online report is not published.

Following the integrated approach sustainability relevant information is also to be found in other sections of the website: