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December 15, 2011

Ready for boarding: Passenger boarding bridges from ThyssenKrupp Elevator in demand around the world

The number of people who travel by plane is constantly increasing – particularly in emerging countries. According to experts, passenger numbers will rise by 7.2% in the next twenty years in China alone. Dozens of airports are already being built across the country to accommodate this high volume of air traffic in the future. ThyssenKrupp Elevator – the world’s only full-line supplier of all relevant passenger transportation systems – recently won a contract to supply

77 passenger boarding bridges, 98 escalators and 34 moving walks for the new Kunming Changshui International Airport. The 550,000 square meter terminal will be able to handle up to 38 million passengers a year in the future and is scheduled to open in 2012.

With its products and services, ThyssenKrupp Elevator makes a key contribution to in the efficient operation of numerous airports – including New York, London, Paris, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Moscow, Dubai, Delhi and Seoul. At major international hubs in particular where delays of even just a few minutes can result in enormous costs for airlines, it is essential that installations offer maximum availability and functionality. But glass elevators, moving walks and passenger boarding bridges are also playing an increasingly important role in the sometimes spectacular architecture of terminals.
More than 4,000 installed passenger boarding bridges worldwide – for all common aircraft types – are the result of ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s decades of experience in airport equipment. At the same time they underline the company’s technological expertise, consistently high quality and strong market reputation. Additional functionality such as air conditioning systems, ground power units or visual docking control systems supplement the extensive range of designs and fittings, and make passenger boarding bridges genuine system solutions – precisely tailored to customer wishes.
One outstanding example of ThyssenKrupp Elevator’s strong innovative capabilities are the passenger boarding bridges for the new Airbus A380: In order to reduce waiting times during boarding and deboarding of the huge aircraft, engineers have developed completely new systems. Just like here in Dubai, these systems are now in use at numerous international airports around the globe. The modified hydraulic lift system enables the bridge to dock with another door in the upper deck eight meters above the ground. With a total of three passenger boarding bridges accessing both decks, this reduces boarding time from 45 to 34 minutes.
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