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September 06, 2013

PowerCore SunCruiser takes a first spin

Functional and energy-efficient – the PowerCore SunCruiser is now ready to roll and is being prepared to take part in the solar car world championships in Australia. Shortly before its departure, the car was taken for a spin at the ThyssenKrupp Quarter in Essen. The solar-powered vehicle was built using electrical steel from ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe and subsidiary ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel.
The biggest innovation is the motor: This sixth-generation solar car from Bochum University is the first to feature electrical steel in the core of the hub motors. ThyssenKrupp CEO Dr. Heinrich Hiesinger (center) spoke to the students about the special soft magnetic steel and tested the solar speedster for himself.
Students from Bochum University spent months developing the solar car. What makes it different: The PowerCore SunCruiser is a functional vehicle, looking almost like a conventional car, with space for up to three people and a trunk.
The solar car had already proven its roadworthiness at ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe’s Dortmund site, where the plant roads are set out like a real traffic system. The SunCruiser is now ready to take to the streets of the world: From October 6 it will be taking part in this year’s World Solar Challenge in Australia, a 3,000 kilometer race from Darwin to Adelaide. Important factors in the Cruiser Class, in which the solar car from Bochum will compete, include not just speed but also practicality.
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