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September 10, 2013

Minerals & Mining

Better ideas for the minerals & mining industry  
With our engineering expertise, we enable our customers in the minerals & mining industry to manufacture and process their products in a cost- and resource-efficient way.
For this, our Group’s minerals & mining network offers a wide range of top-quality products and services. For example, our fully mobile crusher system raises the bar for the efficient utilization of energy. Material is crushed directly at the mine face and transported away on belt conveyors which eliminates the need for heavy truck transportation, thereby reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions.
Our close cooperation with customers around the globe delivers valuable new ideas on a daily basis. Our engineering expertise helps us translate those ideas into new and better solutions, enabling us to master challenges and play our part in shaping the future of our world. That’s something we’re very proud of.
Knowledge is a basis for innovation 
In our research and development facilities, the focus is on interdisciplinary collaboration throughout the Group. Our work includes optimizing existing products and developing new ones, as well as exploring new applications for proven technologies and services.
For example, we work to constantly improve the quality of our slewing bearings and seamless rolled rings. In our own state-of-the-art research and development center, we test bearing designs under the toughest of conditions, research new products, and develop forward-looking solutions for practical applications. Knowledge and experience are combined with new ideas to deliver exactly the products our customers need.
To meet the challenges of the future, we work with renowned universities and research institutes such as the Fraunhofer and Max Planck Societies. We set the pace when it comes to developing steels for extreme loads. Materials with revolutionary properties are modeled using computer programs. Our surface engineering center (OberflächenCentrum) in Dortmund is one of the world’s leading development centers for flat steel coatings.
Intensive research is also carried out into electric motors: We build prototypes that deliver important information on how the properties of our products affect the properties of our customers’ motors.
Finding custom solutions 
Whether it’s made-to-measure slewing bearing designs, preliminary studies and geological surveys, mine planning or financing strategies, ThyssenKrupp offers everything from a single source. We are one of the few full-line suppliers to the minerals & mining industry worldwide. From consultation and planning to engineering, manufacture and supply to erection, commissioning and after-sales service, we supply innovative, optimized solutions for every project.
Mastering challenges  
ThyssenKrupp is one of the world's leading suppliers of flat carbon steel. Many of our materials were specifically developed for extreme conditions – ideal for the minerals & mining industry. Available worldwide, our electrical steel products offer excellent processing and magnetic properties and maximum energy efficiency. It thus makes an important contribution to conserving resources and protecting the environment.
Our wear-resistant XAR® steels are the perfect solution for manufacturers of excavator buckets, crushers, conveyors and screens. Their high hardness allows our customers to significantly extend the service life of wear parts. We developed the ultrahigh-strength N-A-XTRA® and XABO® steels to reduce the weight of highly stressed structures such as mobile cranes and shields in underground mining.
Made to measure  
Our range includes materials for every requirement. In addition we provide expert advice to customers on all aspects of processing. We also offer a variety of materials services, including processing and logistics, warehouse and inventory management, and supply chain management.
Our processing services include slitting, cutting to length, and plasma and laser cutting. These blanks can then be saw-cut, drilled, deburred and milled.
In short: Materials are prepared exactly as required for further processing by our customers.
Perfection in every dimension 
ThyssenKrupp is world market leader for slewing bearings. Given the dimensions involved in the minerals & mining industry, our slewing bearings offer key advantages. We are one of the few companies worldwide capable of producing one-piece slewing bearings in diameters up to 8,000 mm.
Our products can be found in excavators, bucket wheel loaders, stackers/spreaders and ship loaders/unloaders. Their compact design with integrated sealing system permits an excellent performance-to-weight ratio.
Greater efficiency  
When it comes to the mining, crushing, transporting and spreading of ores, minerals, coal and overburden, ThyssenKrupp has unique expertise. With our innovative equipment and detailed planning services, we can design the entire continuous surface mining process to maximize efficiency. Our mobile and semi-mobile crushers achieve revolutionary throughputs of up to 14,000 tons per hour. It reduces the raw directly at the mine face so that they can then be transported away on belt conveyors – the use of heavy trucks is no longer required. This significantly reduces operating costs and cuts CO2 emissions by up to 350,000 tons per year.
The right product for every job 
Whatever the product size and whatever the material - whether it's granite, diorite or limestone - ThyssenKrupp supplies the right machine for primary, secondary or tertiary crushing. With throughput rates up to 14,000 t/h, our crushers can handle rocks up to more than two meters in size. We offer more than 20 crusher types. Together with feed and discharge conveyors and classifying equipment they form highly efficient crusher plants – even for specialized jobs. Whether it's crushing, feeding, conveying, classifying, separating, grinding, drying or filtering, our equipment proves its mettle even under the most extreme conditions.
Moving more with high-tech systems  
ThyssenKrupp supplies complete solutions for transporting and handling raw materials in stockyards, bulk material distribution centers, port terminals and processing plants in the coal and ore industries. Rail-mounted continuous ship unloaders are an outstanding example of our innovative thinking: They unload bulk freighters by means of a continuously operating bucket elevator system for faster removal rates. The conveying equipment is fully enclosed, which also protects people and the environment.
Excellent global connections  
We are one of the world's leading trading companies for raw materials. As the link between raw materials producers and manufacturing industry, we consider the interests of both sides and so ensure smooth production processes. Our business relationships are geared to the long term, and our global customer portfolio makes us an attractive partner for raw materials producers.
Complete partner to our customers  
Our customers can count on full – and above all fast – support throughout the world. Our services range from erection and commissioning to maintenance, automation, rebuilds and rehabilitation. We also include the supply of spare parts and regular employee training.
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